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Dreaming Audacious Dreams

Eric Hoffman serves as Student Ministries Director for Illinois

I am completely honored to speak on behalf of BGMC and its importance within my district. My wife, Liz, and I began as student ministries directors for the Illinois District in June 2014. We immediately began to evaluate the health of children’s ministries within the local church. The most measurable statistic before us was the steady decrease of BGMC giving from our nearly 300 churches. 

So we began to dream: What would it look like to promote BGMC with such passion that people would follow? To speak to our children in such a way that they would not only desire to hear God’s voice but to be moved to action the moment they heard about it? If God spoke to Samuel at such a young age, we thought, couldn’t He also speak to our children?

This is exactly what is happening in Illinois right now. Our kids are listening to the voice of God and dreaming audacious dreams, knowing that God’s Word is true. From lemonade stands, planting gardens, breaking eggs on their dad’s head, and making desserts for their church members, their faith is rising and our churches have gotten behind them.

Why is this focus on missions so important? Because children who give to BGMC will become teenagers who give to Speed the Light. And teenagers who give to Speed the Light will become young adults who understand sacrificial giving and will become tomorrow’s tithe payers and the future of our Fellowship. This is the culture that God has called us to lead!

The question people ask most often is, “How have you done it? How have you been able to turn a sinking ship so quickly?”  As my superintendent, Phil Schneider, often reminds us, it is our job to take the district to our churches and to share God-sized passion with our pastors. It is imperative that we do life with them! For that reason we average nearly 50,000 miles a year and speak nearly every Sunday promoting student ministries/missions giving in our churches. 

This is the greatest calling we ever could have imagined. We get to play a small part in changing the trend of selfishness in today’s generation to ensure a culture of generosity that will flourish for decades to come. Somebody gets to lead a movement. Why not Illinois?


Eric Hoffman has served as the Illinois Student Ministries Director since June 2014. Known for his audacious faith and unwavering passion for missions, he believes God has given him the opportunity to be an ambassador for those called into missions by raising funds through BGMC and Speed the Light. Eric has been married to his bride Liz for 18 years, and they have three children-Matthew, Abby, and Emma.

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