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Raise Up Kids that Go

David Boyd, national director, BGMC

At the beginning of last year, I heard from a “great” children’s pastor who had been doing a “fair” job with the Great Commission. His name is Dan Dangerfield. Let me share his story in his own words:

"Through my week of prayer and fasting, I felt like God was speaking to me about missions and giving it focus this year. I want to call kids into missions, but you won’t let me, he said. In all honesty, it’s quite humbling when you stop and think that it ISN’T a focus. Really ... what are we called to do? As you know, there are lots of things that a kids’ ministry can focus on and get bogged down with, but this year it’s heavy on my heart to, 'Raise up kids that GO.'  That can mean many things, from sharing their faith at school, raising $ for foreign missions, or even doing service projects around the community. The goal is to have a heart of compassion and to stop thinking about ourselves and focus on others."

"With that being said, I’m creating what I’m calling our 'GO Kids Project.' We will be recording all giving that the kids bring in and will give rewards for certain benchmarks: $100, $250, $500, and $1000. $100 will get an 'I’m a GO Kid' t-shirt and an invite to our end-of-the-year BGMC party, etc.

"Our church goal will be $20,000—a mark that I have never reached in my 13 years of kidmin. But I believe we can and SHOULD do it."

Did you know that the first step in helping your kids go “Above and Beyond” anything they have ever done is for you to decide that you want to go “Above and Beyond” anything you have ever done? Previously Dan and his church would raise about $4,000 a year for BGMC. Now he’s looking at $20,000.

What do you think happened when Dan heard from God?

What do you think happened when Dan took the Great Commission seriously?

What do you think happened when the kids got excited about Jesus?

The kids’ missions ministry exploded! They went way over $20,000 this year. Kids did amazing things. Kids were passionate about souls. They took their passion to school and to their neighborhood, and they raised funds to impact the world for Jesus. And… several kids have felt called in this past year to give their life as missionaries!

Dan, our missionaries are blessed because you helped them with their calling.

The Kingdom is blessed because the souls have been won for Jesus.

The kids are blessed because they have grown a heart of compassion.

And I am blessed because God has raised up a new BGMC champion among our next generation of  children’s pastors!

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