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Missions Nugget: "Divine Assignment"

David Boyd serves as the national director of BGMC





Acts 8:26 records God's instructions to Philip:

Now the angel of the Lord said,

"Go south to the road-the desert road-

that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza."


Again in 8:29: The Spirit told Philip,

"Go to the chariot and stay near it."

God arranges our divine appointments-that is, if we are willing to hear His voice and follow. In the business of life it is so easy to miss His voice when he speaks. Philip followed God's instructions. Because of that, when he heard the Eunuch reading, he knew what to do. A man's life was changed, and perhaps through him his entire family and community. Only eternity will show the result of this divine appointment.

We must be ready for our own divine appointments. We must also teach our kids to hear His voice and follow His commands. He may very well tell these kids to pray for a missionary and through their prayers cause amazing results. Time and time again, missionaries tell stories of miracles that were sparked from someone's prayers.

Let's fulfill His divine assignments.

Now go make a difference.


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