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Missions Nugget:"Remembered"

David Boyd serves as national director for the Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

This is how Paul in 1 Thessalonians 1:2 remembers the people of Thessalonica: People with Faithful Work, Labors of Love, and Hopeful Endurance. What a way for God to describe each of us in children’s ministry—that God would find us working faithfully and still loving what we do, continuing to endure in all that we do.

Even BGMC is extra labor for the local children’s pastor—to take the time to teach your kids about missions, to equip them to go out and earn money for missions, and to affirm them with a job well done when they succeed. Heaven will show each of us the results of our faithful work, labors of love, and hopeful endurance. 

Now go make a difference.

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