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Fight the Good Fight

David Boyd serves as national director of BGMC


In 1 Timothy 6:11, Paul instructs Timothy to: 1) Flee evil, 2) Pursue righteousness and godliness, and 3) have faith, love, endurance, and gentleness.

What a perfect mix for us to model to the children that we lead. We show them through our own lives how to flee evil and pursue godliness without spot or blame (vs 14), to have faith in God and live a life of love and gentleness with great endurance.

When we show kids how to be gentle instead of angry, how to trust God during times of difficulty, to say no even to the tiniest inclinations towards evil, and to love God and love others with all our heart, we are mentoring the next generation with the message of God’s Word.

Having remained pure and learned to live for God, the children of your ministry will be able to “fight the good fight of faith” (verse 12). Many of these kids will become missionaries, teachers, pastors, and leaders of the church. You have influence. Fight the good fight of faith.

Now go and make a difference.

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