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BGMC Provides Water for Africa

By Mary Boyd, BGMC coordinator/BGMC

Water. We drink it every day, and we take for granted that in America we can have water any time and anywhere. When we look at a map of the world, we see that 97 percent of the world is saltwater. It gives the illusion that there is plenty of water in the world. Yet if all of the world's drinkable water were put into a bucket, only one teaspoon would be drinkable.1 Water is so important. A person can live weeks without food, but only days without water.

According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), more than 1 billion people - about one in six people in this world - have no access to clean and safe drinking water. The effects of unclean water often lead to an endless cycle of poverty, conflict, disease and death.2

Women and children are most affected by the lack of clean water. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 5,000 children die every day as a result of diseases caused by unclean water. That's 1.8 million children a year or one death every eight seconds. The WHO also states that roughly 90 percent of water-related diseases are because of unsafe water.

The water crisis is especially felt in Africa. Africa is considered one of the most water-impoverished regions in the world. The lack of clean water in Africa is considered a "global crisis."3 Africa has about 9 percent of the world's water resources but 13 percent of the world's population. This means that the amount of water for each person is well below the world average and often at great distance from the people. Africa's women and children are often obligated to use large segments of their time and energy daily in hauling water. 4

Assemblies of God World Missions is responding to the water crisis. They have created an organization called the "Africa Oasis Project" (AOP). BGMC is partnering with AOP to help provide money for water wells and providing portable drilling rigs to drill for water. Each water well is drilled by an Assemblies of God church or an Assemblies of God Bible School. This way, the people in the village come to the church or Bible school to receive the water. The pastor and school administrator can also take care of the well and protect it. As people come for water, we are then able to share about the "Living Water-Jesus" with them. It has become a great evangelism opportunity, especially in areas where Christianity is not welcomed. In 2008, BGMC provided the funds for several water wells in Africa and several portable drills that can be towed behind a vehicle. When able, a full-fledged water well is installed. But many times there are areas where drilling equipment cannot get to. In those cases, portable drills are needed.

To also help with the water situation, BGMC is providing "Buddy Buckets" (water buckets) to people all over Africa. Our missionaries observed that women and children were using any kind of old, dirty container for water. Some containers were old oil and gas cans. People could not afford new, clean buckets. BGMC was asked to provide buckets so we created "Buddy Buckets." (See above photo.) The missionaries tell us that the people are so thrilled to receive these.

None of this would be possible without you! All the sacrifices you make, the time that you give, and the inspiration that you provide the kids is making a difference around the world. Every penny that goes to missions is used to reach the world for Jesus! Thank you for providing the "Living Water" for Africa. For more information about the Africa Oasis Project, go to

Click here for missionary thank-you letters with photos from the Africa Oasis Project.

"If anyone gives you even a cup of water because you belong to the Messiah, I tell you the truth, that person will surely be rewarded." Mark 9:41




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