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Missionary-Led Church in Paraguay Reaches Needy Kids


As you can see from the top photo, the In His Arms church in Asunción, Paraguay, is overflowing with children. Foreign missionary Cynthia Lucas conducted a five-week "Festival of Colors" and presented the gospel message to the children. Those who faithfully attended each received a T-shirt with the In His Arms logo on the front and the plan of salvation on the back.

"The church was filled to more than capacity," Cynthia says. "By faith, we're serving hot chocolate and vitamin-enriched cookies to the children to give them nourishment and warmth from the cold."

Cynthia adds that many of the kids attending In His Arms come scantily clothed, most with flip-flops and T-shirts, even during the winter months.


"We're trusting God to touch hearts to help us out, so we can get underway with reading classes, tutoring for the kids, and vocational classes for the parents, so they can earn honest livings and get their kids off the street-where they beg coins every day."


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