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BGMC Helps "Oasis Project" Place Well in West Africa

Thanks largely to the BGMC funds provided by the Louisiana District, a new deep water well was dug and is now in place at the Bible school in Atakpame, Togo.

"What a blessing the well is to the 240-plus people on campus and those in the surrounding area," says missionary Mark Alexander. Mark is assigned to the Assemblies of God World Missions arm called Oasis Ministries, which digs deep wells throughout Africa. "The water is fresh and clean, and there's a plentiful supply. We say many thanks to BGMC for making this well possible."

BGMC thanks Hutson Goza, district Christian education director for Louisiana, for helping make this BGMC project a reality.

"During our recent district council in Houma, Louisiana, I hosted our annual BGMC Awards Luncheon for pastors and delegates," says Hutson. "I showed the Oasis Project Africa water well DVD during the luncheon and gave the challenge for any church that wanted to take a DVD home to help raise the funds. After the DVD was shown at the luncheon, I got quite a surprise. In the DVD, it states that $30,000 will dig a well and provide a water source for Africans. One of our presbyters sitting close to me sent me a note that stated, ‘Let's raise $30,000 right now from this crowd.' I walked to him and suggested that if that was on his heart, he should take the microphone and lead us in this challenge. When he did, applause rang out in the meeting hall. Then he made the big statement: that his church would raise the first $1,000. From across the room pledges started coming in, from $1,000 to $2,000 each. We raised $30,000 in BGMC pledges that day for this project. Praise the Lord!"

"We are so excited about the next BGMC well that's being drilled at the Bible school at Dassa-Zoumé, Benin," says Mark Alexander. "The water needs at the Bible school are dire. They have a very limited water supply from the municipality and the inconsistent water they do receive is often contaminated.

"A survey has already been done to determine the location and depth of the water," Mark continues. "The faculty and students are full of excitement as they anticipate the fresh water well that will be drilled in January 2009. Thanks again, BGMC!"

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