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Master's Toolbox

See download below for Master's Toolbox info flier and giving form.


Change 2 lives with just 1 Master’s Toolbox!

The 2015 Master's Toolbox project is HealthCare Ministries. Click here to download the HealthCare Ministries video. 

For only $9, a child can be offered medical and dental care and a gospel witness through HealthCare Ministries. That means with each Master’s Toolbox offering box you fill with $18, you can help two physically and spiritually needy boys and girls around the globe!

Below is a download for the HealthCare Ministries faith promise form as well as info on the 2015 Master's Toolbox project, HealthCare Ministries.


"$31 in 31 Days" & 2015 Master's Toolbox Project 

Here's a great idea: Royal Rangers across the nation participating in the "$31 in 31 Days" Master's Toolbox challenge! The idea is to have 3,000 Royal Rangers take up this challenge.

It starts by getting every Ranger in your church to commit to raising $31 in 31 days. Rangers can do home chores, sell candy bars, ask relatives for $5 each-you name it! The Rangers leader can schedule the challenge for any month. A perfect time of the year is to make this a Christmas challenge.

Get This: If just 10 Rangers in your church did the Challenge, that's $310. If five adults were to match those funds, that adds up to $1,550!