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The Master's Toolbox


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BGMC has created a special missions program for those involved in Royal Rangers called the "Master's Toolbox." Girl's Ministries also has a BGMC missions program called "Coins For Kids."

Master's Toolbox is designed to help meet the specific needs for various "tools" that missionaries need to spread the gospel, such as generators, air conditioners, water wells, and other equipment. These "tools" are needed by the master's servants-our missionaries.

All across America, Royal Rangers will be gathering at their district and church campouts, and other special Rangers activities, bringing a sacrificial offering earned by boys who have worked hard to help provide the Master's Tools for our missionaries to use. Boys are encouraged to wash cars, mow lawns, do chores, and earn money in many ways in order to provide our missionaries with the "tools" they need.

Imagine living in Africa in the 100-plus-degree heat and your power goes out. No air conditioning. No lights. No electricity. Your food spoils in your refrigerator and melts in your freezer. Plus, vandalism and looting skyrocket as thieves choose the darkness of night as a time to strike.

"Tools such as generators are a necessity," says Mike McClaflin, regional director to Africa. "Power outages are becoming the norm in many parts of Africa." Africa relies upon its Bible colleges to teach the next army of pastors to meet the phenomenal growth of Christianity.

At the time of this report, 9,000 African churches are without pastors and many Bible schools struggle without power. Teachers are teaching by candlelight. Students who would normally stay up all night studying in the library now have only candles by which to read. Combine that with the lack of air conditioning, fans, fresh food, and the danger of thieves taking advantage of the darkness, and you have a bit of a picture of the need for the Master's Toolbox.

BGMC has created a special offering box for Royal Rangers to use to collect money for the Master's Toolbox program. These boxes are free, and they can be ordered by calling AG Resources at 1-800-641-4310. These boxes (or any of the BGMC free resources) are not listed on the AG Resources or BGMC Web sites because they are a free resource. However, you can order the Master's Toolbox on the GPH Web site by clicking here and entering item 729-893.

Open and print out the Master's Toolbox Giving Form below when sending in your offerings.

This Web site and the BGMCKids Web site also has resources that give leaders and kids ideas on how they can earn money for missions. Our goal would be for every boy going to Pow Wow or other Royal Rangers district functions to come with offerings they have earned for missions.There are many ways boys can earn money for missions. Probably the simplest way is to announce to their parents, relatives, and the church that they are willing to work to earn money for missions. It is surprising how many jobs the boys can do when people in the church know the money is going to missions. Some of the most likely jobs are: washing and vacuuming cars, washing windows, raking, lawn mowing, snow shoveling, etc. Other ways kids can raise money is to buy and sell items such as: buy water or soda by the case and sell it at city parks or sporting events, buy flowers by the flat and sell them door to door as singles, buy candy and sell it, etc.

The church can help boys by organizing sales and helping boys set realistic goals. Fifteen boys raising $100 each can total a $1,500 offering quite quickly. These funds will help our missionaries who desperately need "tools" to communicate the gospel. Generators, water wells, projectors, health equipment, and even air conditioners are all essential "tools" which help our missionaries.Won't you and the boys of your church consider being a part of the Master's Toolbox?

Note: Click here to make a general contribution to Master's Toolbox or download the "Master's Toolbox Giving Form" below to send in your Master's Toolbox offerings by mail.

Contact the national Royal Rangers ministry or the national BGMC department for more information.