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Master's Toolbox Fundraising Ideas

Get your Royal Rangers excited about Master's Toolbox, and help them develop a heart of compassion for the spiritually lost boys around the world. Once the Spirit of God has helped your Rangers see the world through His eyes, they will want to give. Rangers can give to Master's Toolbox by using their time and creative talents for the Lord by raising funds for Master's Toolbox. They can give to Master's Toolbox by sharing the need to reach the lost to their friends, families, neighbors, and even businesses.

Every Master's Toolbox filled with $18 can provide the needed medical, dental, and eye care along with a gospel witness to two needy boys around the world!

Below are just a few fundraising ideas for your outpost.

Buddy's Buddies

A Ranger gets 10 other friends and family to fill up a Master's Toolbox offering box. Print the Buddy's Buddies downloads below to prepare for this effective fundraiser.

See download below for handouts.


$31 in 31 Days

Here's a great idea: Royal Rangers across the nation participating in the "$31 in 31 Days" Master's Toolbox challenge! The idea is to have 3,000 Royal Rangers take up this challenge.

It starts by getting every Ranger in your church to commit to raising $31 in 31 days. Rangers can do home chores, sell candy bars, ask relatives for $5 each-you name it! The Rangers leader can schedule the challenge for any month. A perfect time of the year is to make this a Christmas challenge.

Get This: If just 10 Rangers in your church did the Challenge, that's $310. If five adults were to match those funds, that adds up to $1,550!

See download below for handouts.


Neighborhood Garage Sale

Tommy Campbell (left with his father Tom Campbell) raised over $1,000 for BGMC by doing one weekend garage sale! Now just think what you could do for God's kingdom if you had four Rangers who each would do a garage sale at their homes in one given month!

The idea is simple: A Royal Ranger goes door-to-door throughout his neighborhood (supervision recommended) and collects items from neighbors that he can put in his garage sale. One the first Saturday of the month, he puts on a garage sale. After the garage sale, the parent(s) and commander can help transport the items that didn't sell to the next home. The following Saturday, the next Royal Ranger does his neighborhood garage sale, using the items he collected along with the items passed along. On it goes until each of the four Rangers does his Saturday garage sale. This simple fundraising idea could generate $500 or more per garage sale. Do the math!

Below are instructions you can print out about the Neighborhood Garage Sale, along with a flyer that can be used by the Rangers when going door-to-door.

See download below for handouts.