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Master's Toolbox & PathFinder Missions

PathFinder Missions help churches go to from

    this …                                                   to this!

Master's Toolbox Project

The Royal Rangers construction project team called PathFinder Missions has selected to help Missionary Terry Bell in Panama with church construction projects in 2015-2016. The project is called “Panama 100 Project—Ngobe Indians Church Project.” This will enable Missionary Bell to plant several churches in Cerro Iglesia, Panama, among the Ngobe Indians.

PathFinder Missions Goal

PathFinder Missions director Mike King has a goal of raising $19,000 for the “Panama 100 Project—Ngobe Indians Church Project.” It generally costs $100 per person per day to cover the cost for building materials plus fuel, lodging, food, and miscellaneous expenses for the PathFinder Missions team members, says King.

What is PathFinder Missions?

PathFinder Missions exists to construct buildings for God’s kingdom in the United States and to the most remote areas of the world. Three levels of trips exist: bronze for U.S. MAPS-approved construction projects, silver for regular Assemblies of God World Missions overseas projects, and gold for AGWM projects in remote overseas locations selected and approved by the national PathFinder Missions Committee.

Those who participate in PathFinder Missions projects may do construction projects on Native American reservations where conditions require them to sleep in tents and prepare their own meals. When necessary, they are willing to live and perform assignments in rain forest or jungle conditions. They travel up the Andes Mountains, into scorching or sometimes freezing deserts, up the Amazon River, or into the heart of Africa. While PathFinders are self-sufficient and thrive on adventure, the work conditions do not define the mission, but rather the condition of the lost. 

For more information, contact missionary Mike King at

Thank you for helping reach the kids in Cerro Iglesia, Panama, for Christ!