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Master's Toolbox 2016 Project: Europe Refugees

Click here to download the 2016 Camporama "Master's Toolbox Challenge."

Change the lives of two children who are refugees to Europe with just 1 Master’s Toolbox!


The scale of the refugee crisis in Europe defies imagination. Over one million refugees landed on Europe's shores in 2015. Many risked their lives aboard dangerously inadequate vessels run by people smugglers, fleeing war and the tyranny of Islam, in desperate pursuit of a better life for their families.

By some estimates, this is the worst refugee crisis since World War II. According to Dr. George Wood, this may become the largest relief response in our history as a Fellowship. Families arriving are broken, wounded, and needy. This represents a God-given opportunity to reach out and touch the Muslim refugees with God's love and His good news.


Our missionaries are working tirelessly to help meet the needs of refugees coming through their countries, temporarily setting aside their usual activities to focus on relief efforts to help the suffering.

From distributing relief supplies, praying for and encouraging, to patiently listening to survivors' tragic stories in refugee camps, AGWM missionaries are not only giving “cups of water” in the name of Jesus, they are sharing the new life He offers.

We have identified seven “flashpoints” in Europe where the refugee situation is at crisis level. The following is the list of those countries and the AG personnel (First Responders) who are working directly with refugees.

Greece: Pat and Brenda Mahar / Tony and Jamie Sebastian.
Macedonia: Brian and Colleen Thomas / Tim and Elle Bentley
Croatia: Aaron and Winnie Horvat
Austria: Larry and Melinda Henderson
France: Michael and Beryl McNamee / COHU
Italy: Rick and Jennifer Pasquale / Harvey and Maria Skinner
Germany: Kirk and Amy Priest / Ryan and Angela McCullough / Steve and Christina Walent


Basic relief supplies (for 3,000 to 5,000 people/day): food/water, hygiene packets, clothing, socks, underwear, shoes, winter coats/boots/blankets/hats/gloves, children’s toys/craft supplies, backpacks, strollers, playpens, cribs, cleaning supplies.

Small construction projects: renovation and upkeep of camp facilities (roads, toilets/showers, tents, reception facilities, etc.), shelters.

Small equipment: mattresses, tents, benches, chairs, tables, portable heaters, household/kitchen supplies, shelving, portable toilets, electrical supplies, washing machines, portable stoves, gas butane bottles.

Medium size equipment: generators, cell-charging stations, computers/projectors for training, translation equipment.
Translation: Christian books and materials into local languages for evangelism/discipleship purposes.

Misc. other projects:

  • Sponsor a church discipleship/training program for refugees for a year.
  • Sponsor refugee family & housing while in transition for a year.
  • Sponsor a children’s Easter program outreach for refugees.
  • Sponsor a Christmas program outreach for refugees.


Please help us with this Master's Toolbox project by sending your offerings to Master’s Toolbox using the Master's Toolbox target form below (see download).

Thanks for helping meet the critical needs of boys and girls around the world!