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Who Will Be the BGMC Coordinator?

Whom has the Lord placed in your congregation for this special ministry? Pray for the Lord to guide you in your selection.

  • Look for a person with a heart for missions!
  • Look for a person who can help kids understand that people without Jesus are lost.
  • Look for a person who can help kids care enough to give so the lost can hear the Good News.
  • In some instances, the children's pastor serves as the BGMC coordinator.

Invite the person you find to look over the BGMC Coordinator's Job Description and prayerfully consider this ministry opportunity.

When and Where Will BGMC Fit in Your Church Schedule?

A. Plan to promote BGMC once a month on a Wednesday or on the Sunday designated as missions Sunday.

B. Decide where to feature BGMC monthly. Consider these possibilities:

Children's Church:
  • When children's church is provided, often this is the best place to fit BGMC. All the children are together and more excitement is generated in the group setting.
  • The BGMC coordinator may give the annual missions education manual to the children's church leaders to use as they see fit. When this occurs, the coordinator may assume all the other responsibilities listed in the job description.
  • If the BGMC coordinator is a gifted motivator and has good rapport with the children, he/she should work out a schedule with the children's church leaders to personally present BGMC to the children on BGMC/Missions Sunday.
Opening/Closing Assembly:
  • In the smaller church, BGMC may be presented to all the children in the opening assembly before dismissal to the Sunday School classes or following dismissal from classes and prior to the morning worship service.
  • Larger churches may present BGMC in the opening assembly of the early childhood and elementary departments.
Wednesday Night Church:
  • Present BGMC to the Royal Rangers, Girl's Ministry Clubs, or other clubs in their classrooms.
  • Provide them with the lesson materials that are in the missions manual. Have contests between the classes, bring in guest missionaries, etc.
  • During Sunday School class time.
  • During extended sessions.
  • At a learning center or missions interest center.
  • On Sunday evenings.
  • On family night in an opening activity before the regular children's programs.

C. Feature BGMC at other special times during the year:

  • On National BGMC Day, the second Sunday in March, BGMC is to be presented to the entire congregation and a special offering taken.
  • At the annual missions convention, feature BGMC as one of the important missions endeavors of the church.
  • At a kids' crusade or Vacation Bible School, many churches designate the offering for BGMC.
  • Some churches give Buddy Barrel an annual birthday party on the day of their choice.
  • Missions banquet for kids.

What Do You Need to Do Before Your First BGMC Presentation?

A. Obtain the annual missions education manual on CD from the national BGMC office.

B. Read the introduction section of the manual in order to understand how each section of the BGMC lesson should be taught. Then study the individual lessons to become familiar with the materials. Be sure to look over the PowerPoint presentations included on the CD. The manual on CD also has resources to help you teach the lessons (video clips, puppet skits on CD, etc.). If the budget allows, order these resources from GPH.

C. Be sure to check out the rest of the BGMC Web site for great information and ideas.

D. Prepare a letter to send to the home of each child a few days before you give out the barrels. Use our sample letter as a guide.

E. Set a BGMC goal to work towards.

F. Record your goal on the free BGMC Goal Posters. Encourage the kids to set their own individual goals. Give them a poster to take home. (Free BGMC Goal Posters can be ordered from GPH, item #715-599.)

G. Older children who want to write to a missionary may be given a Pencil Pal from the Pencil Pal section of the missions manual. Pencil Pal is the BGMC caricature who encourages kids to write to missionaries and their children serving in the various U.S. and world missions fields.

H. Duplicate the Winnie the World's Newsletter for Kids.

  • Winnie the World's function is to help the children love the world that God loves and sent His Son to die for. We want to increase the chil dren's awareness and interest in the world and their com passion for those who have never heard about Jesus.
  • Provide a classroom-size world map or globe for helping the children locate the countries being studied.

I. Decide whether you will feature the Winnie the World puppet script, or the Speedy D. Light puppet script, or the BGMC True Missions Story in your presentation. If you do not have a consistent puppeteer who is able to create the character voices, you can order the Winnie the World and Speedy D. Light puppet scripts pre-recorded (call GPH at 1-800-641-4310). The True Missions Stories are available on the manual CD, colorized in PowerPoint. Using an ink-jet printer, you can print transparencies from the PowerPoint slides.

J. Teach the children the monthly mission-related memory verses.

K. Decorate the classroom or area where BGMC will be presented.

  • Display some of our Cardboard Buddy Barrels.
  • Display one or more of our banners and posters.
  • Display a world map or globe.
  • Decorate the room to feature the country being studied.

L. Decide where children will bring their barrels on BGMC Sunday. Consider these options:

  • Set up a table at the back of the children's church room. When the children come to children's church, have them give their barrels to the helpers. If you wish to keep individual giving records, have the helpers count and record their offerings during children's church.
  • Provide a Buddy Barrel offering scale. Plans can be ordered free from the BGMC office. When it is time for the BGMC offering, the children come forward and empty their barrels into Buddy's buckets. To generate excitement, boys compete against girls or the first, third, and fifth graders take on the second, fourth, and sixth graders.

What Do You Do at Your First BGMC Presentation?

A. Have a child find the country you are studying on the map or globe.

B. Use your the lesson material to present information about this country to the children. Pass out the Winnie the World newsletter for the month. Point out the prayer list at the back of the newsletter and have the children pray for these needs.

C. Tell the True Missions Story.

D. Help the children learn the memory verse by pre senting the Scripture Activity.

E. Do the missions object lesson.

F. If you have time, do the missions activity page and the missions recipe.

G. Tell the children, "Our missionaries need your help! They need Bibles, Sunday School lessons, gospel tracts, and all kinds of gospel literature written in many different languages. The missionaries can tell the people about Jesus, but more people can learn about Jesus if the missionary can give them things to read and share with their friends. The money to buy these materials comes from BGMC." Ask the chil dren if they would like to help our missionaries. Say, "If you would like to help, I will give you a Buddy Barrel to take home to save your money in. Every month bring your barrel back to church and we will send your money in to help our missionaries tell others about Jesus. Every month you can write down how much you gave in your bankbook. This week I want you to talk with your parents about how much you think you will be able to give each month. I have written to your parents and asked them to help you set a goal and to help you earn money for BGMC."

H. Pass out the barrels, bankbooks, and faith promise cards.

I. Tell the children when they will need to bring their barrels back and where they will bring them.

J. Tell the children that every child who brings his barrel next month will receive a special gift.

K. Pray. Thank God for His goodness and for the way He blesses your children. Ask Him to help each child tell people all around the world that Jesus loves them through BGMC.

BGMC Offerings

A. Have the church secretary or treasurer mail the children's offerings quarterly to:

1445 N. Boonville Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802

The offering may also be sent with other offerings remitted to the General Council of the Assemblies of God but must be designated to BGMC on the Church Ministries Giving Form in order for your church to receive credit for giving. The offerings are disbursed quarterly to the divisions of U.S. Missions and World Missions for use by our missionaries

B. In order to be counted toward the year's giving total, the BGMC offerings must be postmarked by December 31.

Recognition Awards

A. The BGMC coordinator is responsible for determining and presenting awards in the local church. Individual participation certificates are available to reward every child who has partici pated in BGMC for the year, regardless of how much money he has given.

  • The children will have an opportunity to give to BGMC for 6 to 9 years (from 3 to 12 years of age). For this reason some coordinators wish to keep records of individual giving and use the Buddy Barrel Lapel Pinand the Add on Bars ($50 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500$1000) as the standard BGMC award. When the child gives $25, he/she should be presented with the lapel pin; $50—the $50 add-on bar, and so on. (You can order through GPH at 1-800-641-4310.)
  • Larger assemblies may find it too burdensome to keep records of individual giving and will eliminate individual giving awards. Some children's pastors honor all the children quarterly as they reach their church goal and celebrate with a pizza party, Mexican fiesta, 100-foot sundae, or other special events.
  • Make sure all the children know you value faithfulness in giving, even if it is not a large amount. Honor children for faithful giving as well as amounts that they give. BGMC has lots of resources to help in rewarding children. Order a free copy of the BGMC resource catalog for ideas.

B. BGMC CHURCH AWARDS: Churches are divided into divisions according to their Sunday morning attendance. The divisions are as follows:

  • Division 1-A (0-50 Sunday A.M. attendance)
  • Division 1-B (51-100 Sunday A.M. attendance)
  • Division 2 (101-250 Sunday A.M. attendance)
  • Division 3 (251-500 Sunday A.M. attendance)
  • Division 4 (501-1,000 Sunday A.M. attendance)
  • Division 5 (1,001+ Sunday A.M. attendance)
  • Division 6 (Language Churches)

The following awards are given to the top two churches in each division:

  • A large plaque
  • A gift on behalf of the BGMC office
  • Invitation to the national BGMC banquet. This banquet is held in the spring every year in the Springfield, Missouri, area.

A plaque will be given to the top 100 churches in each division for their giving. Every church who gives at least $1,000, regardless of their standing, will receive a plaque.

Special plaques are given out for the following levels of giving:

  • Grand Club (at least $1,000)
  • Triple Grand Club (at least $3,000)
  • Five Alive Grand Club (at least $5,000)
  • Big Ten Grand Club (at least $10,000)
  • Twenty Grand Club (at least $20,000)
  • Thirty Grand Club (at least $30,000)
  • Forty Grand Club (at least $40,000)
  • Fifty Grand Club (at least $50,000)
  • Sixty Grand Club (at least $60,000)
  • Seventy Grand Club (at least $70,000)
  • Eighty Grand Club (at least $80,000)
  • Ninety Grand Club (at least $90,000)

C. The language churches are also divided into divisions by size. Their divisions are:

  • Division 6-1A (1-50 Sunday AM Attendance)
  • Division 6-1B (51-100 Sunday AM Attendance)
  • Division 6-2 (101-200 Sunday AM Attendance)
  • Division 6-3 (201-450 Sunday AM Attendance)
  • Division 6-4 (451-1,000 Sunday AM Attendance)
  • Division 6-5 (1,000+ Sunday AM Attendance)