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How to Start BGMC

Step 1: Select a BGMC Coordinator

The most important step to take when starting a BGMC program is to select the right person for the job. Whom has the Lord placed in your congregation for this special ministry? Pray for the Lord to guide you in your selection. Here are a few things to look for:

  • A person with a heart for missions
  • A person who can help kids understand that people without Jesus are lost
  • A person who can help kids care enough to give so the lost can hear the Good News

Step 2: Scheduling

Determine when and where BGMC will fit into your church schedule. BGMC is designed to be presented monthly, but you can flex the program to your needs. Consider these possibilities:

  • During kids’ church
  • During a Wednesday night service
  • On a Sunday evening
  • During Sunday School hour before all the grade-school kids
  • During Sunday School hour before the entire congregation

Step 3: Gather Materials

The most important thing you’ll need to present BGMC is the annual BGMC Missions Manual on DVD. This is a data DVD that goes into your computer, not your DVD player. It contains everything you need to present a well-rounded lesson to kids from preschool to preteen.

Every church that turns in a BGMC offering to the national office will automatically receive the Missions Manual the following year. If you’re just getting started, call the the national office and request a Starter Kit. Call 417-862-2781, ext. 4024

The Starter Kit includes a Missions Manual on DVD, along with a catalog and samples of other products that will enhance your BGMC program. Read through the introductory pages of the Missions Manual to learn all about BGMC.

Step 4: Check Out Our Social Media

BGMC has a tremendous presence on the Internet. You can learn from the national BGMC community by following us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Just search for “Buddy Barrel.”

Step 5: Prepare the Kids

When you introduce your kids to BGMC, you’ll want to give each of them a Buddy Barrel or a Buddy Box. Information on ordering these materials and more can be found in the free catalog that you’ll receive in the Starter Kit.

Encourage the kids to bring an offering each month on BGMC Sunday (or whatever day you’ve chosen). Encourage each kid to set a monthly giving goal, and set a goal for the entire class for the year. This will motivate the kids to give so that the world can be reached.


You’re ready to get started, but there’s so much more to learn. Be sure to download the complete 16-page “How to Start BGMC” booklet, below.

Download the How to Start BGMC booklet: English

Download the How to Start BGMC booklet: Spanish

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