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Meet the Characters

Buddy Barrel


Buddy Barrel is the mascot for BGMC. When BGMC started in 1949, supplies were shipped by boat to the missionaries in barrels. Barrels were used because they could be sealed tight and made waterproof. This way the supplies would not get wet or ruined. As a result, Buddy Barrel was created. Small wooden barrels were designed for the children to save their coins in. These barrels have now changed to larger yellow plastic barrels. Kids are encouraged to save their money in these barrels and turn their money in once a month.
Winnie the World

Winnie the World gives us facts about the different countries around the world. She just loves missions! She tells us how many missionaries are in each country and what missionaries do. She also keeps track of how many churches, Bible schools, and Christians are in each country. She knows what each country is like, where it is located, and how the people live in that country.
Speedy D. Light

Speedy D. Light represents the Speed the Light missions program for teenagers. They raise money to buy vehicles for our missionaries. These vehicles are used to transport the materials purchased by BGMC. They also take our missionaries wherever they need to go in order to reach the lost. A Speed the Light vehicle can be a car, van, motorcycle, bicycle, or even a camel! It can be whatever the missionaries need in their part of the world. Speedy also helps the older kids (grades 5 and 6) to transition into the youth group by becoming familiar with the youth missions program, which is Speed the Light. Giving kids turn into giving youth who turn into giving adults.

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