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BGMC Annual Theme for 2020-2021




The two-year BGMC theme is “Count on Me… to pray… to give… to go.” This theme was birthed in the story of Jonathan and his armor-bearer found in 1 Samuel 14. Jonathan felt God wanted to do something amazing, and he asked his armor-bearer if he would join him. His armor-bearer responded by saying, “I am with you!” In other words, he was telling Jonathan, “Count on me!”


We believe God wants to do something amazing through our kids. God also wants to help our missionaries reach the world for Jesus. God can use kids to bless our missionaries so they can accomplish what God has called them to do.


We want each kid to say:


“Count on Me” to do my part to reach the world
“Count on Me” to pray
“Count on Me” to give
“Count on Me” to go


We want every Kidmin leader to say:


“Count on Me” to teach my kids about missions and BGMC
“Count on Me” to create a heart of compassion in kids
“Count on Me” to be an example in prayer
“Count on Me” to be an example in giving


We are encouraging every KidMin leader to challenge your kids to have a heart that will be sensitive to God, so when God challenges them to do something for missions, the kids will say, “God, you can count on me!


Kids can set big goals and do big things for God. They can raise money, earn money, make videos, contact friends and relatives, sacrifice money, and raise hundreds and even thousands of dollars.


As our kids faithfully tell God, “Count on me,” the day will come when He calls them to full-time ministry as an adult. Once again, we want them to be ready to respond, “God, you can COUNT ON ME!


BGMC has created lots of resources to help you promote the theme. We have banners, posters, placemats, and various promotional products. We even have two songs written and created just for this theme. Each song was put to powerful images of missions around the world and of kids doing their part to tell God, “You can COUNT ON ME!” You can purchase all these various products by CLICKING HERE.


You can view both music videos by CLICKING HERE.

Let’s all be willing to tell God, “COUNT ON ME!”


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