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BGMC stands for “Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge.” Boys and girls are challenged to help our missionaries, challenged to sacrificially give to missions, challenged to reach the lost, and challenged to keep their hearts open to the call to the work of full-time missions. The money raised through BGMC is used to provide our missionaries with the supplies they need to reach people around the world. BGMC equips kids to know, to care, to pray, to give, and to reach the lost.

BGMC Motto: Challenging Kids to Reach the World

BGMC Mission Statement:

BGMC has a two-fold purpose:

  1. To reach the children of the world
  2. To create a heart of compassion in children.

BGMC exists to serve the church in preparing children for their fullest participation in world evangelization. As a children’s missions education agency of the Assemblies of God, BGMC is committed to beginning the process of missions awareness, missions concern, and missions stewardship in each young life and to introducing children at the earliest possible age to Christ’s Great Commission.

BGMC Vision Slogan:

Equipping kids to know, care, pray, give, and reach the lost.

BGMC's Definition of Children's Missions Education:

Children’s missions education engages the child’s head with knowledge (missions awareness); the child’s heart with caring and compassion (missions concern); and the child’s hands in responding to what he/she knows and feels (missions stewardship).

Missions Awareness includes multicultural education—introducing the child to a fascinating, culturally diverse world; to the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and the way of life in another culture. This must culminate in a look at religious beliefs and in the child’s awareness that many of the people are lost and do not have an adequate explanation of the gospel to enable them to make a decision to follow Christ.

Missions Concern involves theology—teaching the child who God is and the part that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit play in missions. It is this aspect of children’s missions education that introduces the child to Christ’s Great Commission.

Missions Stewardship involves life application response and commitment to the Great Commission—giving time, talents, and treasures to reach the lost. Within this objective is training in prayer and personal evangelism and in giving systematically, once a month, to reach the lost.

BGMC's Objectives:

  1. To establish an effective children’s missions education agency through BGMC in every Assemblies of God church.
  2. To train and equip BGMC coordinators for church, sectional, and district leadership.
  3. To inform the children’s parents/caregivers of the objectives of BGMC and participate with them in fostering missions awareness, missions concern, and missions stewardship in their children’s lives.
  4. To introduce children at the earliest possible age to God’s love for the world and to Christ’s Great Commission and effectively equip them to be His witnesses.
  5. To educate children about the peoples of the world, their countries, their cultures, and their need for Christ.
  6. To involve children in praying for lost family members and friends, and for the evangelism efforts of career missionaries.
  7. To invite children at least once a month to give of their treasures, time, and talents to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  8. To encourage children entering their teen years to commit to personal evangelism and missions involvement, and to assist their transition to participation in Speed-the-Light, Ambassadors in Missions, and home and foreign missions endeavors.

In October 1949, the BGMC program was launched because of a need—the need which missionaries all over the world had for literature which could be used for distribution, for translation work, and for study material. Another need was for the disposal of the backdated literature in the Gospel Publishing House. At the seventh National Sunday School Convention held in Springfield, Missouri, these two needs were brought together, and BGMC was formed as the agent. The specific purpose of the Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade (now called “Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge”) was to raise money through the Sunday Schools for the literature program. The first task undertaken by the new BGMC was to raise funds for shipping these materials to the mission fields.

At that time, supplies were shipped to missionaries in barrels. It was determined that small wooden barrels would be given to all Sunday School children. The children were to take the barrels home and each day place a penny, nickel, dime, or more in it. Once a month, on a designated Sunday, each child would return his or her barrel to Sunday School. As a result, Buddy Barrel became the mascot for BGMC.

In 1999, BGMC became a part of the national Children’s Ministries Agency. In 2007, BGMC became its own department under the Division of Church Ministries. The wooden barrels have also evolved to much larger plastic yellow barrels. Kids are encouraged to do their best to fill their barrels every month for missions. We want kids to not just ask mom and dad for money but to earn the money. Kids are also encouraged to make a monthly faith promise for BGMC.

We have a complete history of BGMC on our "History of BGMC" page.
BGMC has a booklet entitled “How To Start BGMC.” This booklet is available from Gospel Publishing House (item number 715-005 for English, 715-056 for Spanish).

Missionaries need BGMC

BGMC is touching every area of the world by supplying our missionaries with the supplies and tools they need to reach out to the lost through evangelism and discipleship.

BGMC is the program that allows our missionaries to get the supplies that they need in order to spread the gospel and reach the world. BGMC is the only program that gives our missionaries the freedom to buy such things as puppets, clown outfits, costume animals, Bibles, tracts, Sunday School literature, computers, video tapes, CDs, training manuals, and lots more. The only restrictions that BGMC places are that the items have to do with “evangelism” or “discipleship.” BGMC is the program that provides whatever a missionary needs—where they need it and when they need it. Many missionaries would be at a loss without BGMC. That’s why our missionaries LOVE BGMC.

BGMC not only helps individual missionaries, but it also helps fund various missions organizations, such as International Media Ministries, Global University (formerly International Correspondence Institute), The Christian Training Network, Generation XXI, Resource and Development Ministries (RDM), STAR Radio Avance, Center for Muslim Ministries, HealthCare Ministries, and Teen Challenge International.

BGMC also provides supplies to our U.S. Missionaries and to missions organizations here in America. BGMC helps Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, Institutional/Occupational Chaplaincy, Intercultural Ministries, the Military Chaplaincy, Teen Challenge, and Church Planting. In fact, BGMC provides each new church plant with $600 to buy supplies they need to get started. Plus they are given $75 each quarter for the first year to purchase Sunday School materials. A percentage of BGMC funds are also given back to the districts to use for home missions projects in their own districts. As you can see, BGMC is greatly used and greatly needed by our missionaries.

BGMC provides more than supplies:

BGMC especially tries to target the children of the world by providing for street kids, orphanages, feeding programs, school supplies, sending kids to camps, the making of children’s TV programs and videos, and lots more!

BGMC also pays to have materials translated into different languages so people can read things in their own language. BGMC has had the JBQ program, Royal Rangers, Missionettes, Kids Church curriculum, and Sunday School lessons translated into many different languages around the world. As you can see, BGMC is a GREAT help to our missionaries around the world.

Children need BGMC

Because BGMC is the missions education program for children in the Assemblies of God, it provides resources to help you teach the children about missions. Missions education will create a heart of compassion for the lost in the hearts of the children you teach.

As you expose children to the Great Commission, they’ll see the need to reach out to those around them and to the world with the Gospel. They will have a heart for witnessing and sharing their faith. They’ll understand that witnessing is something that God commands us to do.

As you expose children to the needs of the world, you create a heart of compassion that wants to reach out and help those who are less fortunate. Kids can be selfish; they need to see and realize just how blessed they are by God. When they realize this, they will want to share their blessings with others. They will want to help others any way that they can.

As you expose children to missionaries, they’ll learn about the call of God and about the miracles that are taking place all over the world. Children will develop a burden for a particular area or group of people. As a result of that burden, they will pray for those missionaries, those countries, and the people. Children will also learn to keep their hearts open to God and be willing to accept His call.

A survey was done among our missionaries which showed that a lot of them were called to be missionaries while they were children. If we don’t expose the children to missions, then how can God call them?

Children need to be taught to do their best to earn their money for missions, and they need to be taught to make sacrifices for that money. If kids don’t learn that now, they won’t do it as adults. God asks all of us to do our best to help supply the needs of His Kingdom.

BGMC is more than a giving program—it’s also a missions education program. As kids learn about the needs around the world, they will want to respond. Jesus commanded us to reach out to those less fortunate. Regular, systematic giving to missions creates a giving heart and spirit in children. It helps kids to not be so “me-centered.” Kids learn to help others through the blessings God has given them. Kids who learn to give to missions now will grow into adults who give to missions later.

BGMC provides materials for missions education for the children. We want the children to learn about countries, people groups, and missionaries. We want kids to accept and love all people for who they are and realize that God loves all people. As children learn about the need to reach the lost of the world, they will pray for these people and they will keep their hearts open to the call of God to one day go and reach these people with the gospel. Kids are also taught how important it is to be a witness now.

Every year BGMC produces an annual BGMC missions education manual. This manual on CD contains twelve missions lessons for elementary kids and twelve lessons for early childhood kids. Each lesson highlights a particular country in the world or a missions organization. Each lesson contains facts about the country, puppet skits, object lessons, Scripture pictures, true missions stories, recipes, and more. The manual also has thank you letters from missionaries, coloring pages, Buddy Barrel games, and lots more. Each lesson is set up so a complete kids missions service can be done. If you don’t want to have a whole service or class time dedicated to a missions lesson, then just use portions of the lesson to teach the kids about missons.

Yes! Even though BGMC is the “children’s” missions program, adults can and should be involved. Remember that the purpose of BGMC is to provide supplies for our missionaries. The needs around the world are too great to only be relied on by the change given by children. Adults can also be involved in that. It doesn’t just have to be “money from kids.” We’d encourage you to take up adult offerings, take adult pledges, involve adults in your fund-raising, or challenge your adults to match what the kids raise. Raising money for BGMC becomes a great “family” project that the whole family can do together. Moms and dads can do projects with their kids to help them earn money for missions. The more funds that come in, the more supplies our missionaries can receive, so they can reach more souls. That’s what this is all about!
We suggest that you choose one Sunday or one Wednesday every month to be “Missions Day.” If you can, have the entire class time or children’s service centered around missions. Use the missions education curriculum that BGMC provides to help you put a missions service together. Show missions videos. Tell missionary stories. On this day, the kids can turn in the offerings that they have been collecting all month. You will also want to have special fund-raisers throughout the year, especially during missions conventions. We also strongly suggest that you send your offerings monthly or quarterly to headquarters. BGMC funds are distributed to the mission fields quarterly depending on what has come in. As missionaries need supplies, they make requests for funds. If the funds are there, they can get their supplies. If not, they can’t. Saving your offering until the end of the year can sometimes be a hardship for our missionaries. Send your offerings to: BGMC, 1445 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802.
All offering checks should be made out to BGMC. Send your offerings to: BGMC, 1445 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802. All offerings must be postmarked by December 31st in order to receive giving credit for that year.

No, except for the special target ministries that have been set up by the Assemblies of God World and U.S. Missions. BGMC was originally set up as an undesignated program—a “READY” fund for missionaries. This means that the BGMC funds are “READY” at a moment’s notice to assist missionaries. Funds do not have to be raised in advance. The funds are there when a need arises or when God opens a door. The fund is divided between Assemblies of God World Missions and U.S. Missions. When a missionary has a need (request), he/she then requests the amount of funds they need. This request is filled based on the need and the amount of funds available at the time. Because BGMC is set up this way, any missionary anywhere has the same access to the funds.

We have many missionaries working in sensitive countries, and they can’t expose where they are or what they are doing. BGMC is a great help to these missionaries. These missionaries cannot go to churches to request funds, but they can request funds through BGMC.

Once money is designated to a certain project or cause, all of that money has to be used for that cause (according to government laws). Some missionaries have an easier time raising money for a cause while others do not—yet their needs are just as great. Sometimes more money comes in than is needed, yet if it is designated, it has to be used for that cause. By BGMC being undesignated, all missionaries have the same access to funds, and only the amount of funds needed is used.

We totally understand that kids and adults like to put “a face” to a project. However, the greatest strength of BGMC is that it is undesignated. We are doing things to help you put “a face” to BGMC. We have created the “Where in the World” document, which tells where all the BGMC money was spent in the world and what it was used for. Share this with your kids and adults. Many of these projects are ongoing as long as funds are available. This is a free resource, item number 715-057. We also keep you informed by printing missionary thank you letters that are sent to us that tell what BGMC has done and where. These thank you letters are published in our BGMC newsletters and in the the annual BGMC missions curriculum manual.

We strongly encourage you to set a yearly goal to reach for BGMC. This gives you and the children something to strive for. Without a goal, there is nothing to work for. Make the goal realistic, yet not too easy to achieve. The children will become excited as they see themselves getting closer and closer to the goal. It will encourage them to work harder and be more persistent in their giving. Without a goal, it’s very easy to forget about missions and to forget about bringing your Buddy Barrel. Kids will just have a tendency to throw in a token offering without putting much effort or passion into their giving. Setting a goal also causes you to be creative with fund-raising and gives you an incentive to keep on working. There’s just something rewarding about reaching your goal! Then, every year raise your goal and challenge your kids to reach higher in their giving.

How Do I Determine What My Goal Should Be?

Be realistic. Look at what your giving was for the previous year and increase it. Think about what you think the children and the adults can do to increase the giving from the previous year. Think about new fund-raisers to try during the next year. Most importantly, pray and ask God to give you a figure to strive for. He’ll inspire you and lead you.

Don’t make your goal so high that it becomes discouraging to ever reach. At the same time, don’t make your goal so low that you’ll be able to meet it with little or no effort.

Remember, more BGMC giving means more souls being reached for the kingdom. Every cent puts more money into missionary’s hands, so they have more supplies and tools to reach out to the lost. I’m amazed at the number of missionaries I talk to who are so grateful to BGMC and how BGMC has helped them. Many a missionary has told me they couldn’t have done it without BGMC.

NOTE: We have created a special fund-raising book with lots of ideas. It’s called “55 Ways to Earn Money for Missions,” item number #715-016. Order from GPH.

Encourage Your Kids to Make a Goal/Faith Promise

Not only should you make a goal for your church, you should also encourage the children to make their own individual goals—a faith promise. In making their own goal, the children have something to work for. A child who doesn’t have a goal will just occasionally throw a coin in his Buddy Barrel and be satisfied. But a child who makes a goal—a faith promise—will do his best to meet that goal by working to earn the money. He/she will also learn what it is to sacrifice a candy bar, a can of soda, etc., and give that money to BGMC in order to meet the goal.

Ask the kids for monthly testimonies and reports on how they are doing to meet their goals. These reports will produce excitement and will encourage the other kids to keep on working. It will also give other kids ideas on how they can earn money. Plus, every time the child meets his/her goal, it becomes a real “faith” builder. They are experiencing God providing for them and helping them. We personally have seen tremendous spiritual growth in kids who make faith promises and then trust God to help them and provide.

Encourage the kids with their giving by rewarding them. You can give monthly, quarterly, or yearly rewards. BGMC has great items that you can use as rewards, such as ribbons, pins, medallions, certificates, hats, T-shirts, flying discs, and more. Information on these items can be found in the BGMC resource catalog. (Item number 715-076. It’s free.)

Children need to be taught to do their best to earn their money for missions, and they need to be taught to make sacrifices for that money. If kids don’t learn that now, they won’t do it as adults. God asks all of us to do our best to help supply the needs of His Kingdom. Check out the testimonies section of our Web site for some great testimonies of what kids are doing for BGMC.

NOTE: BGMC has FREE faith promise cards for the kids. It’s an attractive full-color card with a tear-away bookmark to remind kids what they pledged (item #715-009). BGMC also has a flyer that you can give to the kids and adults that explains what a faith promise is. It is also FREE; item #715-553 (English), #715-550 (Spanish).

We have created a booklet called “55 Ways to Earn Money for Missions” that shows kids the importance of missions as well as providing ideas on how to earn money. It also teaches them the importance of making a faith promise and reaching their goal. This booklet is 36 pages and includes various charts for the kids. Item #715-016. Quantity discounts available.

A faith promise is a goal or a pledge that a person sets between himself and God. Encourage your children to make a faith promise. They then are to do their best to try to raise that amount in one year. Have them divide that amount by twelve months and find the amount of money each month that they are going to try to raise for BGMC. That amount becomes their pledge each month. Every month encourage them to do their best to raise that amount of money for God by finding ways to earn money. Some months it will be easy, and other months it may be hard. Ask for monthly reports and testimonies from the children. These reports will produce excitement and will encourage the other children on how they can raise money for their pledges.

Once again, kids who make a pledge/goal have something to work for. It gives them an incentive to raise money for missions. Without a personal goal, they may just throw an occasional quarter in their barrel instead of working hard that month to meet their pledge amount. Plus, every time they meet their goal, it’s a real faith builder for them. They are experiencing God providing for them and helping them. We personally have seen tremendous spiritual growth in children who make faith promises and then trust God to help them and provide.

Children need to be taught to do their best to earn money for missions, and they need to be taught to make sacrifices for that money. If kids don’t learn that now, they won’t do it as adults. God asks all of us to do our best to help supply the needs of His Kingdom.

NOTE: BGMC has FREE faith promise cards for the kids. It’s an attractive full-color card with a tear-away bookmark to remind kids what they pledged (item #715-009). BGMC also has a flyer that you can give to the kids and adults that explains what a faith promise is. It is also FREE; item #715-553 (English), #715-550 (Spanish).

We have created a booklet called “55 Ways to Earn Money for Missions” that shows kids the importance of missions as well as providing ideas on how to earn money. It also teaches them the importance of making a faith promise and reaching their goal. This booklet is 36 pages and includes various charts for the kids. Item #715-016. Quantity discounts available.

The national BGMC office gives out awards to churches and districts. We have found that most churches enjoy receiving plaques for the recognition of what was accomplished for BGMC. We have also received lots of testimonies of how excited the kids become when they see the plaque that was awarded for all the hard work that they had done. The kids then become motivated to work to receive the next level of plaques.

We feel that the churches and kids are working hard and should be rewarded for their efforts. We also feel that each church should be rewarded according to its size.

The following award system divides all of our churches into seven divisions.  The divisions are determined according to the size of the church’s Sunday morning attendance. This way, a church of 100 is not competing against a church of 1,000. The divisions are as follows:

Division Sunday AM Attendance Number of Churches
1a 0-50 3,983
1b 51-100 3,555
2 101-250 3,000
3 251-500 1,000
4 501-1,000 350
5 1,001 and up 150
6 language churches

BGMC Church Awards:

Churches are divided into divisions according to their Sunday morning attendance.

  1. The following awards are given to the top two churches in each division:

    a. a large plaque
    b. a gift on behalf of the BGMC office
    c. Invitation to the National BGMC banquet. This banquet is held in the spring every year in Springfield, MO.
  2. A plaque will be given to the top 100 churches in each division for their giving, regardless of the amount given.
  3. Every church who gives at least $1,000, regardless of their standing, will receive a plaque.

National BGMC Banquet:

Every year, BGMC has a national banquet to honor the districts and the top giving churches. The top two churches in each division are invited to the banquet. These churches will be recognized for what they have done for BGMC. The church (pastor) and the children’s pastor or BGMC coordinator will also receive a special “gift” from BGMC for all their effort in giving to missions.

The pastor, children’s pastor/leader, and BGMC coordinator are all invited to attend the banquet. However, travel is at your own expense and not of BGMC. The BGMC banquet is held every year in the spring

Kids love to be rewarded. Rewards and prizes motivate them. Make BGMC fun and exciting for the kids. The national BGMC office does not give rewards to the children; that is left up to the local church or district. Each church can decide how to reward kids and at what level. Some rewards can be done annually for what the children have done over the past year. Other rewards can be given monthly for what was brought in that month. Still other rewards can be given for a particular fund-raising event. If you can, keep track of a child’s giving by using charts or the BGMC bankbooks. Kids enjoy knowing what they have given.

Individual Rewards:

You can give any reward for any level of achievement by an individual child.

Ideas for achievements:

  • When any child brings his/her offering in on the specified day.
  • When a child brings in his/her offering two months in a row, or three months in a row, etc. (in any container, such as a Buddy Barrel, mini candy container tubes, etc.)
  • When a child reaches a certain giving level.

BGMC has created lots of resources that you can use for rewards, such as hats, T-shirts, stickers, flying discs, ribbons, certificates, pins, medallions, clocks, mouse pads, watches, magnets, and more. These resources are listed in the BGMC resource catalog. It’s free. Order it from GPH, item number 715-076. You can also view these items online at the GPH store at www.gospelpublishing.com.

Other prizes

Pencils, stickers, bookmarks, watches, ride to school for a week in a fancy car, concert tickets, ballgame tickets, Toys R Us gift certificates, Christian CD or video, picture in church newsletter or on the bulletin board, book bag filled with school supplies, bike, skateboard, Buddy Barrel filled with candy, pop a balloon with paper inside describing their prize, cash, chance to shoot a ball into a hoop for a prize, reach in a fish bowl and pull out a prize, squirt the children’s pastor with a squirt gun, have his/her name placed in a drawing for a grand prize, etc.

Group Rewards Ideas

Give a prize to the whole group or the team that wins, such as: boys vs. girls, blue team vs. red team, Missionettes vs. Royal Rangers, etc.

Group Prize Ideas

Pizza party, popcorn party, popsicle party, ice cream sundae party, pictures in the church bulletin or on a bulletin board, swimming party, candy, an outing with the children’s pastor for pizza or ice cream, miniature golf, skating, etc.

This list of rewards is certainly not complete. There are hundreds of other ways to reward kids for giving. Add your personal favorites and have a great time with your kids

Due to the increased production cost of the Buddy offering barrels, we regret that the barrels can no longer be offered for free. Churches must now pay a nominal fee. The Buddy offering boxes are still free of charge.
Children should be encouraged to fill up their barrels with an offering and turn it into the church once a month on the designated BGMC Sunday.

Since the barrels were designed to specifically collect offerings for the BGMC program, the barrels should not be used to collect money for any other giving programs. The government has clear regulations against this, making it illegal to do so. There are lots of things you can use to take up offerings for other causes. There are also various companies that offer low cost banks, such as Oriental Trading Company, KIPP Brothers, and Rhode Island Novelty.

Please ask the children to be good stewards with their Buddy Barrels and not to abuse them or lose them. Also, the lids can be ordered separately for the barrels. If a lid is lost, there's no need to order another barrel—just order another lid. This will also help with the cost.

Thank you for involving your church kids in giving to BGMC!

National BGMC Day is a Sunday that is set aside each year in order for the whole church to celebrate BGMC. This day is designed to include the adults in the BGMC giving. The churches are asked to take up a special BGMC offering on this day.

National BGMC Day is the second Sunday in March of every year. Each year a particular area of the world is highlighted.

How can you celebrate BGMC Day?

First, have a special missions month for the children. Emphasize missions to your children every Sunday or Wednesday in March. Read thank you letters and true missions stories from current and past BGMC missions manuals. These manuals are full of awesome missions teachings and stories. Have the children pray each week for missionaries. Perhaps each Sunday School class or Royal Ranger or Missionettes class may want to adopt certain missionaries and pray for them.

Second, have a special missions offering emphasis during the month of March. Encourage the children to make a faith promise to God and give it to missions through BGMC. Special faith promise materials are free and can be ordered from Gospel Publishing House. Set a goal and have all the children make faith promises. Add up the individual faith promises to see if they meet your goal. Announce the goal to the whole church so that they can join in on the faith of the children. Perhaps some adults will want to help match the pledges of the children. That’s a great way for the children’s offerings to double. Remember, when you give to BGMC, you’re helping to support nearly all of the AG missionaries all around the world and here in America.

Third, have a special offering emphasis with the whole church involved. One idea is called “Lost Change for Lost Souls.” Give a Buddy Box to every adult, teen, and child in the church. (Buddy Boxes fold up to fit inside a church bulletin. Boxes are free and can be ordered from Gospel Publishing House, item #715-200.) Have the entire congregation save coins and look for lost coins for an entire month. Places to look for lost change are couches, cars, dressers, purses, washing machines, dad’s pocket, and many more! Turn in the barrels for one giant offering on BGMC Day or on the last Sunday that month.

Another great idea is to hand out 3 to 4 bags called “30 pieces of silver” bags to every person in the congregation. Set a goal for your church. Try to get 500 bags turned in, or 1,000, or 2,000, or more! Have the whole church collecting bags of silver to give back to Jesus as your gift to win the world. These bags are ten cents each and are available from Gospel Publishing House.

Once you have your children praying for missionaries and giving to missions, and once you have your adults participating, then you’re ready to try some of the other ideas. These include:

  • Invite a missionary in to speak with the children.
  • Let the children decorate the church foyer like places around the world.
  • Have special services in children’s church to emphasize missions.
  • Have the adults take up a special offering on BGMC Sunday.
  • Have the adults help the children with their faith promise goals by giving them jobs to do and then paying them for the work that is done.
However you do it, don’t miss this chance to help your kids reach the world.

BGMC funds can be accessed by any fully appointed Assemblies of God World or U.S. missionary. When BGMC funds come in, the money is sent to the Assemblies of World and U.S. missions areas. Each area of the world is given a certain amount of money quarterly for disbursements. Money is also given to various missions organizations, and some is set aside for emergency needs.

World and U.S. missionaries can apply for BGMC funds through their area directors. (For example: a Chi-Alpha U.S. missionary would apply through the Chi-Alpha office in Springfield.)

District U.S. missionaries can also make BGMC requests through their district offices. Each district is given a percentage of BGMC funds every month to be used for U.S. missions projects within their districts.

New Assembly of God church plants can request special BGMC funds that are set aside to help new churches with supplies and Sunday School curriculum. These requests are made through each district office.

BGMC funds are not disbursed through the BGMC office. All disbursement decisions are made by the missions departments. The requests are filled based on need and on money available.
Yes, BGMC has a resource catalog with all their supplies and resources. The catalog is free. Item number 715-076.
All resources are available through the BGMC Online Store or by calling Gospel Publishing House at 1-800-641-4310 or by fax at 1-800-328-0294

BGMC has great videos!

Kids love videos clips, and showing them missions videos is the best way to make missions come alive to them. BGMC has several great DVDs to help you teach missions. All of these are available in the BGMC Online Store.

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