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Thailand: Thank You From Srima Phosritong


International Correspondence Institute (ICI) has received monthly funding from BGMC regularly for some time now, but we have not been able to thank you until now. Today, Rev. Ted Heston came to visit our ICI office and found out that BGMC regularly helps fund ICI by giving $1,050 per month.

As the one responsible for ICI Thailand, I would like to thank you with love and care on behalf of all the recipients of the funds. I also want to share with you that for the 42 years I’ve been with ICI, I’ve been able to see the progress and stability of our study program. Many new people have received ICI lessons and many of them have even become fulltime ministers. Now we are working on developing our ministers’ series, and I am so happy about being able to help train quality ministers who are then able to plant churches in many new areas. Therefore, ICI Thailand would like BGMC to be aware of these things and so to be grateful with us for your investment in ICI Thailand.

Your investment is making a great profit—people interested in the things of God and coming to salvation! I’ve included pictures of those who have graduated from the ministers program.

Srima Phosritong
Director of ICI Thailand

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