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Africa's Hope: Thank You For the MegaVoice Units


Did you know that there are many, many people who cannot read?

If you couldn’t read, how could you read the Bible? There are lots of people in Africa who cannot read. There are also lots of poor people in Africa who don’t have enough money to buy their own Bibles even if they could read.

But thanks to you giving to BGMC, Africa’s Hope is helping to solve these problems.With the funds given to us by BGMC, we are able to purchase “MegaVoice” units. These units are about the size of a juice box, and they contain the whole Bible recorded in the language of the people. All a person has to do is press a button and the Bible is read to them. The best part is, no batteries are needed. It is solar powered so all you have to do is put it out in the sun and it’s recharged.

BGMC is helping us to put MegaVoice units in villages all over Africa. The MegaVoice units are passed around from family to family so everyone can hear God’s Word. Pastors are also giving these units to the people in their churches. Everyone loves them!

Thank you for giving to BGMC so that God’s Word is being heard all over Africa!


The Africa’s Hope Team

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