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Argentina: Thank You From Brad and Rhonda Walz


Did you know that you not only have a part in helping American Assembly of God missionaries, but that you are also helping Argentine Assembly of God missionaries when you give to BGMC? You are!

BGMC funds have been used to help get a missions program started for the churches in Argentina. The people here are so on fire for God that they are becoming missionaries themselves. So far, 150 missionaries from Argentina are serving in 38 countries around the world. BGMC funds were used to train these missionaries and supply them with teaching manuals. BGMC also paid for a big missions convention to launch them into ministry. Many people in countries all over the world are hearing about Jesus because of your giving to BGMC!

Every three years we host a big missions conference for the countries of Latin America. At this conference we teach about the importance of reaching the world, and we commission missionaries to go and fulfill God’s call. Over a thousand people attend this conference. BGMC has been a big help with these conferences. BGMC helps to pay for the promotional materials, posters, and the hand-outs. BGMC also helped with the printed materials used in the workshops and plenary sessions.

Thank you, kids, for giving to BGMC and for helping us to launch missionaries all over the world!

Brad & Rhonda Walz
Missionaries to Argentina

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