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Armenia: Thank You from Stanley and Catherine Hall


Thanks for giving to BGMC! The money you put in the Buddy Barrel helps people around the world learn more about Jesus.

We spent the money you gave to make books in another language. Most people in the United States speak English, but people in other parts of the world speak other languages. People in Armenia speak, read, and write Armenian. It’s one of the oldest languages in the world!

Making a book in another language takes a lot of time. Workers read a book in English and type it out in the Armenian language on a computer, one sentence at a time. This is called translating. After several weeks of translating hundreds and hundreds of sentences, we can then print lots of copies of a new book in the Armenian language. Our Armenian books are used in the Bible college here. When our students finish all their classes, they become church leaders.

So, the money you put in the Buddy Barrel helps Christians in Armenia become pastors, missionaries, and Sunday School teachers!

Missions is not just about giving money. It’s also about praying. Please pray for us and the Bible college:
• Pray that teachers at the Bible college will have good health.
• Pray for students who have to travel a long way to get to class.
• Pray that the students will learn a lot about the Bible and Jesus.

Thanks for praying, and thanks for giving to BGMC!

Your missionary friends,
Stanley and Catherine Hall
Missionaries to Armenia

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