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Czech Republic: Thank You From Dana Navratilova


Dear brothers and sisters:

I would like to thank you immensely for Radiant Life. My daughter (Jitka Slobodova), who is translating these lessons, several years ago attended the youth meetings in our church, where the youth met, prayed, and fellowshiped. Gradually, she had forgotten what she had been taught in children’s church. She lost the motivation to read and study the Bible because the youth leaders lacked good and systematic teaching. Then several pieces of good material for this age group came along, and the young people told me that they just wanted to know God deeper. That was something that my daughter also missed at these youth meetings, and she was not the only one. That was one of the reasons why she so gladly dove into translating the Radiant Life material.

We are also working to get this material to Slovakia because our languages are very similiar so it won’t be a problem for them to use our Czech version.

We thank you very much for your generous support and wish you many blessings in each area of your life. At the same time we pray for you and for the authors of the material, that the Holy Spirit would lead you and that you would sense the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ, who joins us together by His perfect love.


Dana Navrátilová

Leader of the Children’s Ministry Council of the Czech AG

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