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Czech Republic: Thank You For the Sunday School Curriculum


Since our arrival in Prague ten years ago, reaching children and introducing them to a living relationship with Jesus Christ has been a focus. Whether evangelizing in the public schools or teaching children in church, pointing kids to Christ is a priority.

We have been developing a two-year children’s Sunday School curriculum so that Czech churches can disciple their children in Christian living. With the help of BGMC funds, we are currently preparing it for publication. We are thankful to see the influence this Bible teaching is presently having on the children of Maranatha Assembly of God in Prague.

One young girl, Agata, was inspired by the Sunday School program and invited her friend, Nikola, to visit her Sunday School class. Nikola gave her heart to Jesus and later invited her sister Misha to come as well. Misha then invited their youngest sister Sandra and their mother also who gladly received the love of Jesus Christ. A recent email from Misha states that their oldest sister Denisa has now also accepted Jesus in her heart!

Forty years of Communism in Prague produced generations of atheists. We’re believing God to raise up a generation of Godfearing, Bible-believing, Christserving children who will take Jesus to the lost of the Czech Republic and around the world.

Missionaries to the Czech Republic

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