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Fiji: Thank You From Spain and Bettye Trask


I was unpacking a package sent by BGMC. It was filled with wonderful Sunday School materials. What a blessing! We have 150 students here at the Bible school. Each week they go into the villages of the country and teach Sunday School. They could never get these materials anywhere in Fiji.

We have taught the churches to get storage cabinets made in order to keep the materials secure. This way, a Sunday School quarterly (teacher’s book) will last for many years. The dates on the materials do not matter because they feel “Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” I was sitting by a lady in church one day, and she was studying for her Sunday School class. The quarterly was from 1963. A missionary here in Fiji had given it to her and she still had it.

We not only thank you so much for your shipments of Sunday School materials, but also for the many offerings we have received over the seven years as missionaries here in Fiji. Because of the BGMC offerings, our library is a better research center. Girls Ministries and Royal Rangers materials are available, adult Sunday School booklets are being used, Bible studies for the prisoners are available, and on and on the list goes!

You children in America have made our life and ministry much more worthwhile! Keep up the good work!

Spain and Bettye Trask
Missionaries to Fiji

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