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A Thousand Students say Thank You!

News Kids

Have you ever gone to visit a friend and as soon as you entered his/her room it felt like you were walking into a shrine? Posters of athletes cover the walls, signed baseballs sit on the shelves, and every dollar of his/her allowance goes toward buying that player’s special edition shoes—all of this in the hopes that one day, s/he could meet that person. Rarely does this dream ever come true, but your friend holds out hope that one day it might. 


One day in India I watched this picture play out, in a way. I watched as an elderly woman entered her Hindu temple and approached the idols with hope that someone somewhere was listening. She prayed and cried and then left an offering and flowers at the foot of the stone statue. She would not be the last. This same picture would play out over and over throughout the day. Men and women, old and young, would come to pray and leave gifts in front of the same stone idol and leave—a stone idol with no ears, no soul, and no ability to hear.


Just a few days later, I would be watching something very different! And this is something you should be proud of, as you’ve been a big part of making it a reality. I watched as more than 1,000 students graduated from the India College of Ministry. They were ready to introduce that woman to a God who not only listens but loves her unconditionally. These 1,000 graduates are just a few of the more than 36,000 students who want to change the world!


Boys and girls, THANK YOU! You are planting seeds that will grow into something bigger than you can imagine. You are world changers, and YOU are making a difference.

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