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India: Thank You for the School Equipment


Thank you so much for your incredible generosity by giving to BGMC. BGMC has helped the Eunice School in Bangalore, India, in many, many ways. Eunice School has over 700 children from kindergarten through 10th grade. The school is very crowded and oftentimes the children have to sit on the floor.

One of the very practical needs that BGMC helped the school with was the purchase of new benches for the children to sit on during class. This may not seem like a lot, but just imagine having to sit on the floor all day long with your schoolbooks and notebooks in your lap. Just to get an idea of how it might feel, ask your school teachers for permission to sit on the floor for one day. Have class that way all day. Then just before you go home, get up and sit in your desk. You will see how good it feels. All the kids were so glad to get their new benches. Thank you, BGMC!

A second way BGMC helped the school was to purchase a computer for teaching the students the basics of a computer. Before this time, they did not have even one computer to teach the kids even the simplest of things. These kids come from very poor families, so none of them have a computer in their homes. The day we took the BGMC computer to the school principal, he and his wife cried. They were so happy. Thank you, boys and girls, for helping the students at Eunice School learn how to use a computer because you gave to BGMC.

Because you give to BGMC, missionaries like us can bless kids all over the world. Every penny you give is making a difference. Keep up the good work!

Church Workers in India

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