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Kenya: Thank You From Patrick and Jeanne Collins


We want to update you on the Children’s Workers Seminar that has just concluded. What an amazing time we had! We cannot begin to recount all that the Lord did during this five-day training seminar for East African delegates. On registration day, Jeanne sat and registered nationals from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania from 6:30 a.m. until after 8:00 p.m. without a break, as the lines just kept getting longer! At around 8:00 p.m. the amount of those registered was about 700, the normal capacity of the hall, and still there were 75 Africans waiting in line!

We tried to tell them that we were full, that they would have to sleep on the floor, that there was little water available at the college, and that food was running out as well, but they refused to leave! They said to us, “We cannot go. We have come to learn how to lead our children to Jesus and have better Sunday Schools. How can we go home without this knowledge?” We cried, and we found a way to fit them in that night. The next day, they started to line up at the gate. We had to send many away (nearly 200). We sent them away with the free children’s workers handbooks as a gift.

We ended up with over 800 delegates crammed into the hall and into the dorms. During the sessions, the Spirit of the Lord was so evident, and so rich and wonderful! In the evenings there were many altar calls and much time spent weeping before the Lord for the children of Kenya and for themselves as parents and teachers. The Lord met us in an amazing way. We are still in awe of what the Lord has done through this seminar. There is a hunger for the Lord and for teaching. There is an urgency among these national pastors and teachers to win the children of East Africa for Jesus. We have never seen such determination. They sat each day, all day long, through all of the sessions and didn’t want to leave. They wanted more!

We have grown out of this facility. But God knows—our lives and ministries are in His hands. We just want to be a part of what He is doing here in Africa in the realm of children’s ministry. We are expanding our boundaries, our faith is increasing—we are expecting a mighty move of God and for a harvest of children that the world has never seen before nor will ever see again.

BGMC monies were used in the printing of our children’s workers handbooks. One was given out to each participant at the seminar. BGMC funds were also used to translate this handbook into Kiswahili, so that it may be used even more extensively in East Africa. Also, BGMC monies allowed me to purchase supplies in order to make object lessons and visual aids to demonstrate at the seminar, and to make object lesson packets in order to get materials into the hands of the nationals. I show them visual aids and object lessons that they can copy and make from materials that they can find locally. This has really gone over big in the past years.

I’ve had many praise reports during the seminar of the people taking what they have learned and going back to their homes and churches to hold their own seminars to train
others how to lead children to Jesus. There is a lot of excitement here. Please pray with us that it continues, and that as a result of these training seminars many thousands of children come to Jesus all over East Africa.

Thank you, BGMC!
Patrick and Jeanne Collins
Missionaries to the children of Kenya

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