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Netherlands: Thank You From John, Joy, and Sarah Sisk


Hello from the Netherlands! We are John, Joy, and Sarah Sisk. We serve as pastors at New Day International Church in the city of Almere, which is about 30 minutes from Amsterdam. I am 56 years old. When I was your age, I had a BGMC Buddy Barrel. Every month, I would work and collect money to put into my BGMC offering for missions. Sometimes I wondered if my gifts were really making a difference. My wife, Joy, also had a Buddy Barrel when she was a child. Now, for the past 18 years, we have been missionaries, and BGMC is like a major answer to prayer for us! I’ll give you just one example.

God is blessing New Day International Church with growth, but it is very expensive to buy land and buildings here in the Netherlands. Therefore, our church has been renting a community center every Sunday morning, where we have our worship services. Three years ago, the church had the opportunity to buy a very small building for a good price. We needed a place to have Bible studies, youth fellowships, children’s parties, leaders meetings, and prayer gatherings at various times in the week. This building has a small kitchen area, an office, a bathroom, and a main room large enough to hold about 30 people. We call that building our “Ministry Center.” I am sending you some photos so you can see it for yourself.

Since God has been helping the church to grow, we wanted to pay off the debt on the Ministry Center so we can begin saving money to buy our own church building. We need a much larger place for our worship services, and we want to offer more ministries to the community. You see, almost 200,000 people live in this city, and most of them don’t know Jesus like you and I do. We prayed and asked God to help us. We owed almost $7,000 on our Ministry Center. We have about 110 people from 27 different countries in our church family, but we had never received an offering large enough to pay that much money. We decided that on Resurrection Day (Easter Sunday), we would receive a special offering to try to pay off all of our debt.

Several weeks before Easter, we began to get excited because we all agreed that each family would start setting aside money to prepare a special gift for God, to give Him
on Resurrection Day. We thought, if God gave His only Son to die for us, then we can give our best offering to Him. And since God raised Jesus from the grave on Easter, then it certainly would not be hard for Him to help us raise $7,000 to pay off this debt. Just wait until you hear what happened! On Resurrection
Day, we received an offering of $3,300. Wow! That was the biggest offering the church had ever received in nearly10 years. We were so happy for what everyone gave, and
 very thankful to God for helping us. However, that still wasn’t enough to pay off the rest of our debt. As pastor, I wondered what God was planning to do. I knew He had promised me that if we would take a step of faith, He would do His part.

That same weekend, I received an email from my supervisor. He is also a missionary. His name is Tim. Tim asked us how the ministry at the church was doing. I told him about how the church is growing and about the special Resurrection Day Offering. He said that you had saved and given a bunch of money to BGMC, and that he would send $5,000 of your gifts to help New Day International Church pay off its debt. I could hardly believe it! When I told the church family what you did, some of them began to cry. Some raised their hands and praised the Lord, and all of us clapped our hands and thanked God for your generous gifts and your love for missions.

So you see? Every time you drop a coin or a dollar bill into your BGMC offering, you are helping missionaries and churches and Bible schools all over the world. New Day
is only one church, but you have helped many churches. Thank you so much for your obedience to God. Oh, one more thing: We have already begun saving for our
new church building. Yes! We can hardly wait to see what God will do next! Though we don’t even know you, we certainly do love and appreciate you.

Everything for the King!
John, Joy, and Sarah Sisk
Almere, Netherlands

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