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Thank You from Network 21-1


Our hearts break for those who are facing this flu pandemic without the benefit of a relationship with Jesus. They are forced to face being unsettled emotionally, physically, and even financially without having Jesus in their boat amid life’s storm. I would not want to be in their situation! 

It appears that people have gone online searching the Internet for hope, help, and to escape their present reality. Network211 has seen two indicators that make us believe this to be true. 

First, we have seen over 21,000 visitors to our “COVID-19 Support” page on www.JourneyOnline.org. This page was created at the end of March to address the current pandemic that has captivated the world. 

Second, more people are writing to us now than ever before. Just before COVID-19 changed our world, Network211 upgraded to a new reporting system that tracks our statistics more effectively. In the last 31 days, the daily average of people who make a discipleship connection by writing to us has risen from 44 to 82! This significant increase shows people are going online more than ever, and they are searching for hope and help during these somewhat trying times! 

It was because of this great need to connect people to Jesus that the Network211 team has continued to work diligently. While we follow the “stay-at-home” orders, we continue in evangelism and discipleship. The ministry must go on! You can see that we were built “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). The ministry of Network211 to fulfill the Great Commission is ongoing with even greater results. 

BGMC has been a great help to Network211 with regular financial support, enabling us to keep this ministry going. You are giving hope and help to those who are in desperate need of new vision and salvation. You are making an eternal difference! 

Blessings, Dr. Mark Flattery Network211 President

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