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Thank You from Project Rescue!


In most areas of the world, COVID-19 has created many crises—businesses shutting down, job losses, loss of income, not to mention the illness and death many families have dealt with. 

But for organizations like Project Rescue, COVID-19 has proven to be a blessing in disguise. Because of the crisis, red-light districts are shutting down. Girls are being released. They come to Project Rescue saying, “Can you help us? We don’t want to sell ourselves anymore.” 

Suddenly, Project Rescue was presented with the opportunity to change people’s lives forever. According to Project Rescue’s executive director, Jonathan Barratt, this has become their single-greatest ministry opportunity. 

Churches and individuals have responded to the great need by sending funds to help with the care of thousands of people. The first was for feeding programs, to meet their short-term need. (See photos at right.) From there, Project Rescue moved to vocational training and agricultural programs so the women can find ways to work and be self-sustaining so they never have to go back to slavery. 

One woman said, “I found my place. I found my God. I will never go back.” Testimonies like this make everything worth it. 

To date, BGMC has given over $80,000 to this project. Thank you, boys and girls, for your sacrifice and offerings. With your help, these women and their children are freed from slavery and are given hope and a future. 


In His Service,
The Project Rescue team

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