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Thank You from Mitch & Tammy Wollner

News Kids

We are so appreciative for BGMC! We used the funds for computers and accessories to develop a program for kids in the red light district. Now they can do their online school without the pressures they normally face. Families tell us that their children either don’t have a device to use or do not have enough Internet data to access work or upload their homework. Through this new learning center, they now have access to free internet and computers, as well as tutors to assist them with their work. We had 26 children sign up and are currently in discussions on how we can further develop this program. 

We initially started the program with six computers, six headsets, and a mouse for each computer. We also purchased an Internet booster for the building. We are excited to say we are going to add two more computers this week as well as four more “mice” and four more headsets. We even have enough BGMC funds to purchase two more laptops (for a total of 10) if necessary over the next few weeks. 

We have had great feedback from the community. We have been told that this program has really helped the kids, and they are very excited to have it. The kids show up earlier and earlier every day for their time slots, eager to do their schoolwork and even stay later to learn English. We are getting to know the children’s personal stories and seeing a greater need to be involved in deeper ways. 

We continue to pray about what else we can do to help these children, some of whom are living in dire circumstances. However, providing a program that allows them to successfully do their online school gives them an advantage in life, and this is something they would not normally be provided. We cannot express enough gratitude to the Assemblies of God churches and children in America who raised this money and to the Asia Pacific office for their generosity. It will change lives! Thank you so much! 

One added note, these children are mostly from M*slim families, and they are coming to a local Assemblies of God church to access their school and learn English and even watch some Superbook stories on the life of Jesus. Praise the Lord! Thank you so much! 


Blessings! Mitch and Tammy Wollner

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