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Venezuela: Thank You From Gary and Patty Heiney for the Bounce House


Thank you, boys and girls, for giving to BGMC!

BGMC has been a big blessing to us, especially when we opened up a children’s home in Caracas, Venezuela, for kids who have no parents or no one to take care of them. The name of this home is Samuel’s House. It houses 80 kids.

The kids at Samuel’s House are taught about Jesus. They also receive a place to sleep, food to eat, and schooling so they can learn to read and write.

Just like you kids in America, the kids at Samuel’s House like to have fun. Because you gave to BGMC, the kids at Samuel’s House have a new bounce house to jump and play on! The big bounce house was shipped in a big metal container from America. The kids here were so excited when we set up the bounce house. We wish you could’ve seen their faces. Here are some photos showing the kids having lots of fun!

Once again, thank you for all that you do for BGMC
and for blessing the kids in Venezuela!


Gary and Patty Heiney

Missionaries to Venezuela

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