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2013 CFK Project: Hope of Venezuela


 2013 Coins for Kids Project - Hope of Venezuela

“Are you my Daddy?” That was the greeting the big burly construction workers who were part of a U.S. missions team, got from Orlando, the youngest boy in Samuel’s House. Venezuela has been described as the forgotten paradise. It’s beauty is impressive. A country rich in natural resources. Yet 87% of the population live below the poverty level. Many find themselves homeless, helpless, and hopeless.

While doing ministry in the streets of Caracas, missionaries Gary and Patty Heiney saw up-close the problem of abandonment with 5,000 children under the age of nine living in the streets. This harsh reality birthed the desire to provide hope and a future for these children. As with the biblical account of Hannah who dedicated the child Samuel to the Lord, so that he would “grow up in the presence of the Lord,” Gary knew the key for breaking the cycle of abandonment and hopelessness would be to raise a new generation in the presence of the Lord.

Samuel’s House is the fruition of that God-given dream. When completed, it will have eight homes which will accommodate the parents and up to ten children each. Through donations, they now have a multipurpose hall, which serves as housing for offices, a gym, and a church. They also constructed a greenhouse, and the property is abundant with orange and avocado trees, passion fruit and many other crops for consumption by the families and to sell to help sustain the home.

The only missing but crucial item is a school to help educate the children. This is where Coins for Kids comes in. Our 2013 CFK project will be to build a school for the children of SH as well as the children in the surrounding community. Because of their background, many of the children that come to SH have learning and emotional disabilities which the local schools are not equipped to handle. The school will offer top notch education and one-on-one interaction from qualified educators who not only love teaching math and science, but also godly biblical principles to those who attend.

Help us give children like Orlando who are growing up without a father and mother a quality education and solid Christian discipleship to help break the cycle of poverty and abandonment in Venezuela!

Where to submit your offering: Offerings can be given securely online here or you can mail a check to our offices. Make checks payable to Coins for Kids and mail to:

National Girls Ministries 
Attn: Coins for Kids
1445 North Boonville Ave
Springfield, MO 65802

Note: All Coins for Kids donations received on January 1, 2014 or postmarked after December 31, 2013 will automatically go to the 2014 project.

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