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$31 in 31 Days


Take on the “$31 in 31 Days” Challenge! Challenge each boy and girl—even adults in the Big Church!—to raise $31 in 31 days. Kids can take on chores, sellcandy bars, ask relatives for $5 each, sell homemade baked goods, or a number of other ways. This is very doable. If you have 20 kids in your church, that adds up to $620. If you can find 10 adults to match those funds, that adds up to $6,200!

1st: Help the kids gain a heart of compassion to reach the spiritually lost and physically needy boys and girls around the world who need Jesus.

2nd: Challenge the kids to take on this “$31 in 31 Days” challenge by doing chores, selling candy bars, selling homemade baked goods, doing fund-raisers like a car wash or an after-church hotdog and soda stand— you name it, as long as your parents and children’s church leader have approved and the event is supervised as needed.

3rd: The children’s church leader can determine what month this challenge will begin and end. As well, he or she can determine what prizes to award the top-giving kids who win the drawing. Those kids who successfully complete the challenge by raising $31 in 31 days, then, could be eligible for the drawing. Those kids who complete the challenge twice or more (e.g., by raising a total of $62 at one timeor during separate times of the year) could be eligible to enter for a BIG PRIZE drawing.

Just think what we can collectively do for Jesus! If just 10 kids in your church were to take on this “$31 in 31 Days” challenge, your kids would generate $310 in 31 days for BGMC! If those same 10 kids were to take on this challenge twice in a given year, which is very doable, your church will raise $620!


31 in 31 Flyer

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