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Will You Be A G3 Kid?


Who is a G3KID?

Like Gideon’s army, BGMC is looking for a powerful army of kids to pray, give, and go.

Pray: Join us daily in saying “the spinner’s prayer.” Grab a fidget spinner, give it a whirl, and pray until it stops spinning. Pray for missionaries, countries, and people around the world who need Jesus.

Give: Do you think you can raise at least $100 for missions this year? Some kids will go way beyond that! Some will raise thousands of dollars, either in one year or over multiple years. Take a look at these different G3 goals, and choose one for yourself! As you reach each level, awards are available. No matter what amount you give, big or small, your sacrifice will win many to Jesus!

30,000 kids to give $100

10,000 kids to give $300

3,000 kids to give $500

1,000 kids to give $1,000

300 kids to give $3,000

100 kids to give $5,000

30 kids to give $10,000

3 kids to give $20,000

1 kid to give $30,000

Go: Be ready to be a witness to those around you right now, right where you are! And keep your heart open to God’s call. He might call you to be a missionary one day! Don't forget to invite someone to church. Try to do this at least once a month.


BGMC Grand Club
Award Recipients


NAME 2019
Gianna Adams New Jersey
Peyton Bergin New Jersey
Kiah Cameron New Jersey
Maziah Rivera New Jersey
Nelissa Ruiz New Jersey
Lyla Samayoa New Jersey
Alexis Squires Indiana
Hannah Williamson New Jersey
Cassidy Wright Indiana


NAME 2018
Rolando Hernandez        TX/LA Hispanic
Robbie Hembree Ohio
Kaleb Nading Oklahoma
Konnor Nading Oklahoma
Haidyn Heath Oklahoma
Jace Heath Oklahoma
Sari Heath Oklahoma
Bryson House Texas


NAME 2017
Alayna Farris              Kentucky
Collin Waltrip Kentucky
Timothy Hathcock Tennessee
Hannah Hathcock Tennessee
Chandler Roberts Tennessee
Cassidy Wright Indiana
Josiah Stamey Missouri
Jonah Hunter South Dakota


NAME 2016
Hayden Childs              Texas
Elijah Childs Texas
Sara Richards Pennsylvania
Carson Rudy Florida
Hailey Frye South Carolina


 NAME  2015
Shane Peterman        Pennsylvania
Billy E. Peterman Pennsylvania
Jonathan Peterman Pennsylvania
David E. Peterman Pennsylvania
Willie Peterman Pennsylvania
Carson Rudy Florida 


NAME 2014
Allen Stagg Oklahoma 
Jasmine Brown Florida
Madison Copson


Chloe Rae Copson
Cambree Pittman
Coy Pittman
Colt Pittman







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