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Missions Carnival


A missions carnival is a great way to raise missions awareness within the church and within the hearts of kids. The activities suggested in this manual can be used any time of year. Here are some suggestions:
✱ As a BGMC fund-raiser on BGMC Sunday
✱ As a Halloween night alternative
✱ As a kids’ event during your church’s annual missions convention
✱ As a missions awareness event in your kids’ church
✱ As a summertime kids’ event

Setting a Goal:
As you prepare your missions carnival, the first thing to do is set goals. What do you hope to accomplish during the event? Goal-setting will help direct the planning and preparation as you keep the end in sight from the beginning. Sample goals:
✱ To honor Christ
✱ To raise missions awareness
✱ To reach out to the community
✱ To reach a missions giving goal

General Setup:
The concept behind this missions convention is to set up several booths that kids will visit, much the same as an activity center area in a Sunday School classroom but on a much larger scale. Each booth will provide an activity where the kids can win prizes. Costumes can be worn by booth participants, if desired.
Well in advance of the event, post a listing of the supplies and materials you’ll need. Ask members of the church to help provide these. Have a place for church members to check off what they can supply and to include their name and contact information.

Set a schedule for your convention that will suit your church or community. Options are to hold it several evenings throughout a one-week period, on a Saturday, or all week long during the summer. If you hold evening or morning sessions, allow 11⁄2 to 2 hours per day for kids to visit the booths. If you hold a one-day convention, create three or four 11⁄2 hour sessions, with breaks in between for puppet shows and lunch.
ts reserved. Permission to reproduce and adapt lesson
components for exclusive use in the church. Any other use requires written permission.

Ticket Sales:
Tickets can be sold at a nominal rate, such as 25¢ each or five for $1. Admittance to each booth requires one ticket. (Exception: There is no charge to visit the prayer chapel or the food booth.) The sale of tickets will be your main source of revenue, both to recoup expenses and to raise money for missions.

Download the manual below for full details.

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