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Slime Time!


This fundraiser is sure to get your kids' attention. After all, who doesn't like playing with slime?

You have a few different options. You can challenge your kids to hit a big goal in their BGMC giving. If they succeed then they get to slime your leadership team. You can make it a boys versus girls challenge, and the leader of the winning side gets to slime the leader of the other side.

A extra fun option would be to make it a progressive award. So if the kids hit a minimum amount, then they get to use regular slime. But if they go above and beyond, they get to add special ingredients....one additional special ingredient per level that the kids hit. Special ingredients can include worms, candy, glitter, plastic insects, etc. Get the kids involved by allowing them to help make the slime.

Tip: You want to make sure you are near an area where the slimed leader can be hosed off afterwards. 


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