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The Human Hotdog


Are you ready to turn your Children's Pastor or BGMC Coordinator into a human hotdog?

With this idea you would give a child a packet of ketchup, mustard, or relish for each dollar they raise for BGMC. They would get to squeeze the packet out onto the person who is becoming the hotdog.

For $20, a kid can empty a small bottle of condiment on the leader.

For $50, they get a commercial-sized bottle.

Want some extra excitement? Allow the congregation to purchase premium toppings like chili or onion for additional donations.

Another version of this fundraiser is to turn the leader into a human sundae. So the kids could earn scoops of ice cream, bottles of syrup, dollops of whip cream, and sprinkles to turn their leader into a frozen tasty treat. 

A good time to hold this event would be on a Sunday afternoon. You could turn it into an opportunity to have an ice cream social for your congregation, or grill some hotdogs for lunch. Don't forget to take lots of pictures, and send them in to our national BGMC office!


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