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Get Creative With Buddy Buttons


What to do with Buddy Buttons and Pins

Buddy Buttons and Pins are a great way to award kids and to use as incentives for giving. Kids will love the bright colors. Each pin represents a region of the world. Each button features Buddy Barrel with something that represents that country—an animal, a sport, or another cultural icon.
Three buttons are generic BGMC—a Buddy face, the BGMC logo, and Buddy with a hot-air balloon to represent the Above & Beyond theme. The majority of the buttons represent countries or ministries around the world and in the U.S. There is also a Coins for Kids button and a Master’s Toolbox button to show BGMC’s partnership with those ministries.

The best way to collect buttons and pins is to put them on the BGMC lanyards. Click here to order lanyards. The kids can also collect them on a piece of felt, a ribbon, a jacket, or a hat.

Encourage your kids to earn the buttons that correspond with the Missions Manual lessons. Use your own creative ideas, or select from some of these:

  • Give one for attending on the day the BGMC lesson is taught.
  • Give one for bringing a BGMC offering.
  • Give one for memorizing the Bible verse for that day.
  • Give one for answering review questions.
  • Give one to kids who commit to pray for a missionary and/or a country every day that week.
  • Hide them around the room and tell the kids to find them.
  • Give one for bringing a friend.
  • Give one for bringing their Bible that day.
  • Before the kids come in, tape some under the chairs and let them see if they’re sitting on one of those chairs.
  • Put the buttons and pins in your “store” if you give out “Bible Bucks” or “Buddy Bucks.”
  • If you are having a VBS, give out a different button or pin each day as an incentive to come back and collect them all.
  • At kids's camp, give buttons to the winning teams for a clean room, participation in sports, earning points, etc.
  • At kids’ camp, give out a different button or pin each day.
  • Give buttons or pins out at your missions convention or missions banquet.
  • Give one button or pin each week during March Missions Madness for each person who brings an offering that week.
  • Give a button or pin out on National BGMC Day (the second Sunday of March).

To order Buddy Buttons and Buddy Pins through MyHealthyChurch.com:

CLICK HERE for Buddy Buttons 

CLICK HERE for Buddy Pins

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