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Buddy Barrel Bank


History of Buddy Barrel Banks

Kids all over America collect money in plastic yellow Buddy Barrel banks. When BGMC started back in 1949, barrel banks were chosen as the collection containers since everything sent to the foreign field at that time was packed in sturdy wooden barrels. This evolved into Buddy Barrel becoming the mascot or symbol for BGMC. Buddy Barrel became the animated representation of the small barrel banks.

It was also decided that small wooden barrels would be given to all the Sunday Schools, which wished to cooperate with the program, in sufficient quantity so every girl and boy in the Sunday School would receive a barrel. The child was to take the barrel home and each day place a penny, nickel, dime, or more in it. Once a month on the designated Sunday, each child would return his/her barrel to Sunday School.

Over the years the barrel has evolved from wood to plastic. The barrel bank has undergone major changes in 1979, 1987, and 2005.

We thought that kids would enjoy the translucent yellow and being able to see just exactly what was inside of their barrels.

You can order your barrels in increments of 24. A box of 24 barrels cost $6.00 (25 cents each).

Click here to order from My Healthy Church, item 715-022.

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