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Africa's Hope: Thank You For the Bible School Equipment


Can you imagine going to school but not having any library books or schoolbooks? How could you study? How could you learn?

This happens a lot in countries around the world. Bible schools are too poor to buy their own books. As a result, the people studying to be pastors don’t have books to read. But thanks to BGMC, this is changing. BGMC is helping us to purchase library books and school textbooks for Bible schools all over Africa. Now pastors can read and study. 

 Not only does BGMC provide library books, textbooks, and Bibles to the Bible schools, but BGMC also provides computers and computer labs. Have you ever used a computer to help with your homework? Computers are a big help to our Bible school students. With computers they can search the Web and type up term papers. Most of our students are too poor to have their own computer. With the help of BGMC, we are able to set up computer labs in Bible schools all over Africa. We could not do this without your giving to BGMC!

Thank you!

The Africa’s Hope Team 



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