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Austria: Thank You From Melinda and Larry Henderson


We just completed the outdoor Celebration in DonauTurm park for Pentecost Sunday. It was amazing. We had all of the congregations from VCC (Vienna Christian Center) come together, and a big emphasis was given to inviting neighbors and colleagues.

Sharing Jesus publicly, worshipping, praying, all while people walked through the park, was phenomenal. Larry shared a great message the Good Samaritan. We saw 22 first-time salvations that we will be following up with. We  can’t wait to see who connects and becomes a regular part of the VCC family through this weekend outreach. For sure it will happen!

We just have to send you the BIGGEST THANK you for the support of BGMC. Because of the funds from BGMC we were able to provide a Kids Zone. We had neighbors come from surrounding buildings because they could see the bright blowups. We watched as our VCC Moms engaged with moms who were just coming to the park that day. Heart-to-heart connections were made as we gave value to people. It opened an easy door to speak those who do not know Christ yet.

Thank you BGMC! Thank you not only for giving the funds but also for believing in what God is doing around the world through our AGWM colleagues. We could not do it without you! We are in this TOGETHER!

With so much appreciation!
Melinda and Larry Henderson

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