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Honduras: Thank You From Missionary Ken Harrel for Hygiene Items


Thank you, BGMC, for reaching the kids of Honduras!

Honduras is the second poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Everywhere you go in Honduras, it’s easy to see people in need of basic humanitarian aid. Simple things we take for granted every day—like a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, a comb, or a hairbrush, not to mention food, clothes, and shoes—are all luxuries to many Hondurans. They must wash their clothes in the same river they do everything else in. Imagine where they must get their drinking water from. Entire families live in make-shift shacks made out of cardboard, tin, and scrap. Many families live in the trash dumps, particularly in areas of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, which is the capital city.

We contacted the national BGMC office about the overwhelming need to reach the kids in Honduras. Before we could begin to address the spiritual needs, we must first meet their physical needs. So BGMC sent funds to help us purchase supplies for the kids. In addition, children’s pastors from across the nation were asked by BGMC to have their
BGMC kids put together one-gallon zip-up plastic bags full of basic hygiene items and small children’s toys.

BGMC sent a team of children’s leaders to conduct children’s ministries training for over 200 lay leaders and to help us with our outreach to thousands of kids. The BGMC team also took with them over 200 hand puppets. At the conference, the team surprised the children’s leaders by giving each of them a puppet of their very own. The room filled with a roar of joy as the children’s leaders held their first ever puppet in their hands.

During the missions trip, the BGMC team also conducted outreach services for kids in some of San Pedro Sula’s poorest neighborhoods and also in different communities of Honduras. During the four community outreaches the team conducted, dozens of kids came forward to proclaim Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Thank you, kids, for giving to BGMC! Because you gave, the kids in Honduras were blessed and many heard the gospel message about Jesus!


Ken Harrell 

Missionary to Honduras

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