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Honduras: Thank You From Ken Harrell


One day our family was preaching the gospel and sharing God’s love by distributing Children’s Gift Ministry items. It occurred to us that the kids at this event should be in school. When we asked why the kids were not, the parents told u that their kids could not attend the public schools if they did not have the minimum required school supplies such as pencils, notebooks, a ruler, scissors etc.

In January 2012, the Children’s Gift Ministry began soliciting partnerships to help host the first ever “Starting My Classes with Jesus” (Con Jesus Inicio Mis Clases) Back to School Evangelism Event. In this first event they invited the poorest, most needy children out of Los Bordos to attend the event. Working together with the local Assembly churches, they trained leaders to go into these areas and invite the kids.

A dynamic kids worship service is presented and the kids laugh at puppets and clowns as moral lessons are taught. Missionary Ken has the honor of presenting the message of Jesus’ love for children. When the altar call is given, many kids respond with tears, and the Spirit of God ministers to the needs of children who have been hurt, abused, or just need Jesus. The service concludes as all the leaders and kids gather up front. The leaders pray for the upcoming school year and pray that God will bless and keep the kids, their families, and their futures. The kids are then presented with a backpack filled with school supplies. The kids are so happy as they hug their bag. Now they get to go to school!

We have been doing this event every year since 2012 and hundreds of kids attend each event. Each year, many, many kids accept Jesus as their Savior. BGMC has helped with paying for the backpacks and school supplies and various other expenses. Thank you, boys and girls, in America for giving to BGMC and helping the kids in Honduras.


Ken Harrell

Missionary to Honduras

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