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India: Thank You for the Education


Thank you so much for your incredible generosity by giving to BGMC. BGMC has blessed the children of India in many ways.

In Bangalore, India, there are a group of children whose parents are too poor to send them to school. In India there is no such thing as public school where all kids can go, even if their moms and dads cannot pay. Everyone has to pay to go to school in India. But without an education, these children would end up in the same condition as their parents—very poor.

You have made a big difference in their lives! For the 30 children at Grace Children’s Home in Bangalore, BGMC has paid for their entire year’s school tuition fees, schoolbooks, and uniforms (all kids in India wear uniforms to school). It was a happy day when they were told they could go to school this year because children in America loved them and had helped them pay for their school fees by giving to BGMC. The national BGMC director met these children when he came to India, and he saw the impact of your giving in their lives.

BGMC also purchased a large generator for the Grace Children’s Home. Electricity goes out a lot in India, and this generator keeps all the lights on, the refrigerators running, the security system working, and lots more. All of the children say a BIG “thank you.”

Boys and girls, you have made a tremendous impact on the children of India because you have given to BGMC. Our ministry team here says a HUGE thanks for your generosity and for your love for the children of the world.

Church Workers in India

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