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India: Thank You From Project Rescue


Thank you so much for your incredible generosity by giving to BGMC. BGMC has blessed the children of India in many ways.

In a village in northwest India, there is a community of people who were at one time dancers in the royal palaces of India. But as time went on, the kings no longer had power, and the girls were forced to do other things than dance. So many of these girls are now abused and hurt in many ways that makes Jesus very sad.

The name of this place is Bhojpura. Over a year ago, our team began to work with these girls and other kids in their village. Our prayer is that the Lord will intervene in their lives and would use us to rescue many of them.

We are now in the village every week teaching English, math, and moral teachings to the children, along with telling them about Jesus.

BGMC has helped us buy all of the supplies we need to teach the kids. We have purchased English schoolbooks, writing pads, pencil boxes, whiteboards, markers, storage bins, rugs for the floor (all the kids sit on the ground when we teach), game supplies, and fans for the ceiling (it’s very hot where we teach them).

BGMC also helped us purchase Christmas gifts for a special outreach for the whole village. None of this would have been possible if you had not given to BGMC. We know that many of you work very hard to earn money for BGMC. We also know that many of you sacrifice your money so people around the world can hear about Jesus. BGMC has been a huge blessing to the whole community.

We say thank you, and the children say thank you.
Church Workers in India

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