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Japan: Thank You From Chris and Lindsey Carter


A few years ago, I had presented BGMC with a very unusual request. I wanted a large, expensive telescope. Since the request was unusual, I gave this explanation:

We have been doing student ministry at the University of Tsukuba. As Japan’s premiere science and technology school, Tsukuba U. attracts both scientists and science students. Naturally we have spent a great deal of effort learning how to engage and reach such people.

At the end of one of our terms, I bought a telescope, and we had several student events at which we used it. Without fail, the experience of looking through the telescope impressed the students and led to conversations about God. Through these experiences and others, it occurred to me that a large impressive telescope could be a powerful evangelistic tool.

In Japan it is very difficult to connect with unbelievers, but many in our community would be interested in coming to regular star parties and using the telescope. Beyond university students, we could also invite parents to bring their children to special events that would be both educational and evangelistic. Additionally, the telescope I have in mind is both powerful and portable. It collapses to fit into a flight case and can easily be carried by two people. As a result, other missionaries on the field and churches could easily use it to organize evangelistic “star parties.”

Thanks to BGMC, my request was granted. Japanese students at the university flock to it, and I am able to tell them about God’s creation.

Thank you for making this possible.
Chris & Lindsey Carter
Missionaries to Japan

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