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Kenya: Thank You From Phil Malcolm


This December I taught a one-day children’s ministry seminar in Nairobi, Kenya, thanks to funds from BGMC. The seminar covered some of the basics of ministering to children in a church setting—everything from setting goals and understanding how children learn to practicing creative teaching methods. It was attended by about 60 Kenyan children’s ministry workers, pastors, and district leaders. In terms of numbers, it was on the small side of average. But one never knows who may be sitting in the seminar and what he may take home with him.

After the seminar a man approached me and introduced himself as Maurice. Maurice thanked me for the seminar and explained that he had been asked to travel to a smaller village outside of Nairobi to do a children’s ministry training for the local church. He didn’t know what he was going to teach on or how to best help this church. Our seminar, he explained, had helped him better understand ministry to children and gave him a clear idea of what he should teach. Furthermore, he had also been invited into the neighboring country of Mozambique to do the same thing!

Because of BGMC, we were able to host a one-day seminar. The cost was not expensive, but the ripple effect may be expansive. Maurice will be taking the material we taught into villages in Kenya and across the border into Mozambique to teach other children’s workers and encourage ministry to children in other locations. And BGMC continues to help us hold smaller seminars such as this one, as well as bigger ones with more teaching and more attendees.

Thank you, BGMC, for partnering with us to spread the gospel like ripples in a pond. Thank you to churches who partner with BGMC and for the children in those churches who work hard to raise pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters to help us build the kingdom of God in Africa. Your “little” gift makes a ripple that goes a long way.

Missionary Phil Malcolm

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