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Kenya: Thank You From Rainbow Surprise


Thank you for giving to BGMC!

Your BGMC giving is making a difference in the lives of children all over Kenya. I’ve used BGMC funds to develop a children’s TV program called “Rainbow Surprise.” While I was a children’s missionary in Kenya, I was asked by the Kenya Broadcasting Company (KBC) to produce this program even though it is a religious program that tells kids about Jesus. And the exciting thing is that they don’t charge anything to broadcast the program.

Rainbow Surprise is a weekly half-hour program for kids. We sing songs, have puppets, tell stories, do illusions and object lessons, and present the gospel message. The kids just love the program! Over 22 million kids (and adults) watch Rainbow Surprise every week. I couldn’t do this program without BGMC!

BGMC paid for all the props, costumes, puppets, set design, and illusions for the show.

Thank you, BGMC!


Jay and Debbie Risner

International Children’s Missionaries

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