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Mexico: Thank You From John and Glenda Harris


Thank you for all your hard work and the money you raised through BGMC to help us in our ministry.

A few years ago, we helped plant a new church in Obregon, Mexico. We were in need of everything from chairs for the people to sit on to flannelgraph boards and materials for Sunday School and children’s church. We also started a Saturday Club for neighborhood kids.

The funds we received from BGMC were used to help supply our new church with lots of the things we needed. The congregation is averaging around
per Sunday now and growing. Boys and girls, we want to thank you for being so faithful in filling your Buddy Barrels. You have helped to start a brand new church and helped many children to come to know Jesus as their Savior. May God continue to bless and use you to further His kingdom!

In Jesus name,
John & Glenda Harris
Missionaries to Mexico

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