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Spain: Thank You From Mark and Ellen Cannon


A big thank you from the Oasis Center in Madrid, Spain. A gift from BGMC is helping boys and girls from the poorest neighborhood in the Center of Madrid to learn about Jesus and meet people who love Him! Children from over 120 nations live near the Oasis Center. They come from many countries where it is illegal to share the gospel or talk about Jesus. Oasis Center is a place where they can drop in to get help with homework (most of them don’t speak Spanish very well and neither do their moms and dads).

These kids have also come to camps where they have fun and interact with kids and teachers who love Jesus. In Spain, less than 1 percent of the people consider themselves followers of Jesus. So it is pretty awesome that because of your giving to Oasis Center these children can actually meet people who do follow Jesus and can teach them about the Bible. Most of the visitors have never even seen a Bible before.

Anyway, we want to thank you for giving to BGMC. Because you gave, many children have been touched here in Madrid, Spain. We love BGMC! And we love you!

Mark & Ellen Cannon
Oasis Center, Madrid

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